If you are looking for agood compound bowthat is not only affordable but performs well, then you might want to check out the PSE Brute X. This affordable compound bow offers the features and qualities that you usually find on expensive, high-end bows. The PSE Brute X has been praised in many online reviews and user testimonials. Continue reading this bow review to learn more about the PSE Brute X and why you should get it.

Package Contents

Aside from thePSE Brutebow, the other items included in the package are:

  • Whisker biscuit rest.
  • Gemini 3-pin sight.
  • Quick detach six-arrow quiver.
  • Flexxtech stabilizer with a string stop.
  • Hush kit.
  • Wrist sling.
  • Nock loop.
  • and peep sight.

The PSE Brute X package is complete, so you won’t need to buy any additional accessories for your bow. The PSE Brute X bow is already fully assembled in the package and ready to shoot. All you need to do is to shoot some arrows and sight it in.

Madness Pro Cam System

PSE Archery Brute Force Lite Compound Bow ReviewThis compound bow also comes with a cam system called “Madness Pro”, a single cam system that is comprised of a round idler wheel on the top of the bow and a power-cam at the bottom limb. Like all single cam systems, there’s no synchronization within the system so it requires very little maintenance. However, due to the lack of synchronization, the nock might not travel in a perfect straight line, which can affect the PSE Brute X’s accuracy. The cam also has laser-engraved markings that make tuning easier. It also has a cushioned stop for a quiet and low-vibration performance.

Shooting Speed

The shooting speed of this compound bow is 320 FPS. The reviewers performed the tests using 350 grain arrows at 70 lbs. draw weight and 30” draw length. Overall, the PSE Brute X’s shooting speed is almost the same as the shooting speed of other, more expensive compound bows. However, the shooting speed may be lower in real life hunting situations.

Draw Cycle, Noise Levels, and Vibration

The valley of thiscompound bowis relatively narrow, but it is still wide enough and you’ll get used to it after a several shots. The wall is quite solid and it is easy to hold an arrow against it. The PSE Brute X bow is also exceptionally smooth to draw. This compound bow offers a great balance between smoothness and power, making it an ideal bow for beginners.

Hunting Performance

PSE Archery Brute Force Lite Compound Bow Review

When using 425+ grain arrows at the highest settings (29” to 30” draw length, 70 lbs. draw weight), the PSE Brute X bow can take down even the largest animals on the planet. It is suitable for hunting large game animals such as elk. The PSE Brute X bow is also relatively short (31” axle-to-axle length). This makes it easier for you to maneuver in tight spots while hunting. Since this compound bow draws and shoots quietly, you can stay hidden for a long time.


The PSE Brute bow can be bought online for about $375 – $512 on Amazon, which is quite cheap compared to other high-end bows that cost over $999. This bow is easy to use, affordable and performs well inhunting situations, making it an ideal compound bow for hunters who are on a tight budget.