Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70 Review

The sport of hunting has seen its fair share of innovations ranging from scopes to arrows. Many companies have decided to target this sport as their market mainly because of the prevalence of the sport around the world. Such companies constantly research and develop hunting peripherals in order to produce products with the highest level of quality. One example is Diamond Archery’s take on the compound bow. Known as the Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70, this compound bow is currently one of the hottest bows in the market. Read on to find out more about it.


The technical specifications for the Core are as follows: a draw weight of 40 to 70 pounds, a total mass of 3.2 pounds, a let-off percentage of 80%, a draw length of 25 to 30, a kinetic energy of 76.16 foot pounds, a brace height of 7 and ¼ inches, and an IBO speed of 313 feet per second. Basically, these specifications talk about the power of the crossbow with relation to its size and weight. These specifications are actually very good for a compound bow in this price range because these specifications indicate that hunters will have an easy time to use the bow without compromising its accuracy and raw power.


The Core has noticeable features even when looked upon at long distances. The first of these features is the rotating modules that allow the draw length to be adjusted without requiring the hunter to replace the cams. Aside from these, the Core comes in R.A.K. equipped. R.A.K. is an acronym for Ready, Aim, Kill. Basically, this means that the bow is ready to be used right out of the box. Being a R.A.K. equipped bow, hunters will find delight in the standard packaging of this bow. Included in the standard packaging is a 3 pin Apex Sight, an Octane Stabilizer, a Wrist Sling, an Alloy Peep Sight, an Octane Capture Arrow Rest, a Lite Quiver, and a BCY String Loop. These inclusions greatly enhance the bow’s already high power making it one of the most powerful bows for its price range.

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Bow Maintenance Tips for Your Compound Bow

No matter if you shoot your bow for target competition or if you are on the trail of that special trophy buck it is very important to practice compound bow maintenance. This is a must in order to keep your equipment in peak performance. Also bow equipment is expensive and you want it to last for a very long time. Through your archery your compound bow takes a lot of punishment and rugged use. A hunting bow really takes a beating over the course of the hunting season. It is subject to wet and cold weather as well as the beating it takes traveling to and from your hunting destination. A competition archer shooter puts their bow through many hours of target practice each day. Here are a few compound bow maintenance tips to help you get the peak performance from you equipment.

Bow Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect all parts of the before each use
  • Store your bow in a case
  • Oil some parts of the bow and wax others
  • Inspect and tighten loose bolts and accessories
  • Take broken bows to professionals

Inspect all parts of the before each use

This is very important not only for performance but also for your safety. Take a look at your cams, overdraws, and other accessories to make sure they all move freely. If anything is caught or in a bind you can seriously do damage to your bow or yourself. Also it is a good idea to check out your arrows. Make sure your arrow tips are tight and there are no missing fletching. Be sure to check your arrows for cracks or breaks.

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The Best Way to Wax a Compound Bow String

A bow string can last for many years if you treat it in a proper way. Cables and bow string require maintenance just like the rest of the compound bow parts. Worn bow string and damaged cable not only resulted to a bad shot, it is also a potential injury to you and those around … Read more

Best place to go whitetail deer hunting

An avid hunter knows that hunting is fascinating.  So, during the approach of every fall season, deer hunters know that this is the best time to hunt whitetail deer. There are hundreds of places that one you can go for whitetail deer hunting. There are also thousands of deer hunters who are yearning for a trophy. If you are one of those, here are several places you can go for whitetail deer hunting. The places are not only full of this thrilling animal but also have a lot of fun activities.

Selecting your destinations

Preparation is vital for every deer hunter. It does involve not only the weapons and tools but also the final destination for your most loved activity, whitetail deer hunting. Here are some of the ten best places in US and Canada you can pick:

  • Kansas
  • Texas
  • Minnesota
  • Arizona
  • Saskatchewan
  • Illinois
  • Ohio
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas.

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The Best Compound Bow Package that PSE is Offering

There is no point arguing against it. If one wants the best compound bow package that will complement its price, then a read on the PSE Sinister Ready to Shoot Infinity 70-Pound Bow Package review will surely convince everyone out there that the new hunting bow from PSE is the best one there is today. From its draw weight starting from 25.5 inches and going up to 30 to its spectacular performance as an ultra-compact, ready-to-shoot bow, hunters will surely have the best bang for their buck once they acquire this masterpiece. It is a great combination of art and technology, with a 28-inch axle-to-axle bow being an ideal measure for tree stands and even hike hunts.

In addition, the PSE Sinister compound bow is incredibly preloaded with split limbs and even Brute X pivoting limb pockets. These are all helpful to achieve good limb alignment. Thankfully, the package also includes an Aries Sight, a Peep Sight, and a Nock Loop.


Moving on with what is included in the review, the Mongoose Quiver is a compact, durable, and light hunting quiver by PSE that has a quick detach quiver bracket. It also has the Mossy Oak Break-Up camo which is similar to what the PSE Sinister Ready to Shoot Infinity 70-Pound Bow has. The Mongoose Quiver can carry six arrows, and on its own is currently priced at about twenty-five dollars.

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Diamond Infinite Edge Review

Diamond Infinite Edge, though being promoted as a youth bow, is actually a bow suitable for anybody. It is so versatile and durable that it cannot be outperformed. The one reason you can have for wanting to replace your bow is for personal preference.

You can purchase the unit in Black Ops, Pink Blaze or Mossy Oak Break-up. All of these finishes match the bow perfectly and really looks wonderfully fitting.

As with any other compound bow out there, this bow have a number of unique features that makes it a great buy. If you are considering of getting this bow, read on as we share some of the unique features that you can expect from Diamond Infinite Edge Bow.

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What is the best compound bow for the money?

When it comes to sports like archery, people find it rather offbeat and think it must be something beyond their capability. But to be very honest, it is no rocket science. You can always learn archery, especially when you don’t need to start with bow and arrows made out of wood!

Introducing you to the new Diamond Archery Infinite Edge bow, a product that has revolutionized the concept of archery. When you look for the best compound bow for the money, this bow is definitely the one. Read on to find out why it is value for money.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package – best value for your money

[amazon box=”B00RGAPEMQ” title_length=”60″ description_length=”70″]

According to customers, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow is considered a well rounded winner. It fires off arrows fast and silent, making it difficult to hear anything when you’re using it. Even though it’s not as fast as more expensive bows, it’s still incredibly fast for its price (around $350) and much faster than cheaper comparable bows.

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Diamond by Bowtech Core: The Great Compound Bow Package by Diamond Archery

Diamond Archery is back to bring hunting enthusiasts with the most affordable and durable compound bow packages out there. The Diamond ByBowtech Core 40-70# Right Hand Compound Bow Package is a grand deal for people trying out archery. The bow is light, compact, and also pleasing to the eyes. It is a Ready Aim Kill (R.A.K) bow that is fine-tuned, tested, and factory installed. Compound bow review shave arrived for the Core, and they do not disappoint.

The Bow Features

The bow features a rotating module to provide an easy draw for adjusting the length without having to use a bow press. It measures about 31 inches from axle to axle and comes in at a light weight of just above three pounds. The Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70# Right Hand Compound Bow Package is currently worth around $450 with free shipping and having a thirty-six percent drop in prices. Moreover, it would be good to know that most of the customer reviews for the product on are a whopping five out of five stars, with the next ones being a four. It is a sure indicator of the quality provided by Diamond Archery.
The Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70# Right Hand Compound Bow Package includes:

  • An arrow rest.
  • 3-Pin Apex Sight.
  • Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver.
  • Five-inch Ultra-Lite Octane Stabilizer.
  • Comfort Wrist Sling, among others.
  • Aside from that, the Alloy Peep and the BCY String Loop complete the package that is well worth the price.

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Advantages of Using 3D Archery Targets for Practice

One of the best ways to sharpen your skills as an archer or hunter is practice. The more you shoot the more familiar you become with your equipment. 3D archery targets are exceptional targets to use to help you practice. Regardless of the type of shooting you do these targets really help you to sharpen … Read more