Why a Boot Knife?

One of the most useful tools you can get for bow hunting is a boot knife. Before you purchase a boot knife, you must know how to wear it.

Follow these instructions to learn how to wear a boot knife.

Putting Together the Boot Knife and Boot

Here is a list of basic items you will need to set up your boot knife:

  • Boot knife with sheath
  • A single boot
  • A piece of string or shoelace


  • Basic leather working tools

Attaching the Knife to the Boot

Below is a step-by-step guide to adding the knife to the boot. Use this information if you want to apply the knife to theoutsideof the boot.

  • Take your string and wrap it around the flat side of the sheath twice. Do this from the middle of the string
  • Wrap the string around the boot twice
  • Tie the string tightly

Use the leather working tools to attach the sheath to the boot. Utilize these tools as analternativeto string.

Slide the sheathed knife in your boot if you prefer it to be on the inside. Keep in mind that this may be more uncomfortable than adding it to the outside.

Obtaining the Right Kind of Bow Hunting Boots

Use boots that go up to your calf for knives that go inside the boot. Use these boots, as well as smaller bow hunting boots, for boot knives that are attached to the outside.

Make the Boot Knife Easily Accessible

The knife must be long enough to where it doesn’t slide to the bottom. Make sure at leasthalf an inchof the sheath is sticking out at the top of the boot.

Place the knife outside of your boot on thestrongestside of your body. Put it on the left side if you happen to be left-handed.

Extra Tips

  • Some sheaths of knives already have holes for sewing onto boots
  • When sewing, wrap the cord around the sheath inside the boot. Make it tight so it doesn’t fall out easily
  • Use a thin knife if you plan to place it inside of your boot. It feels more comfortable this way

Before Getting a Boot Knife

Check to make sure that it’s legal to carry open or concealed weapons in your state. Your state may allow it, but may not allow boot knives of a certain length or type.

Proper Use of a Boot Knife

Be sure to use the boot knifeif absolutely necessary. Here is a list of examples of when to use a boot knife:

  • Self-defense against wild animals or other people
  • Skinning and cleaning small prey
  • Cleaning and gutting fish
  • Carving wood

Boot Knife Disadvantages

Understand the downsides to firmly assure that you can and want a boot knife. These are just as important as the advantages.

  • Most states won’t allow open carry of boot knives because they are a concealed weapon
  • Might not be as easy or quick to access in times of self-defense. There are better places on you that can hold your knife for faster use

Legal and Useful Size

Once again, check your state laws to see what size your boot knife can be. There are knives specifically made for boots that fit the size allowed.The usefulness of the size depends on why you will use it.

Just make sure it’s versatile enough for those uses.

Shape also for Versatility

The shape impacts the knife’s use as well as its size. It determines how easily the knife can be accessed and the best type of boot it can be attached to.

Get a knife with a straight blade for quicker use. Obtain a curved knife to butcher small, captured prey in the field.

Blade Variation and Material

There are many different types of blades, but get a blade for hunting that has a sharp tip. It must come with a cover or sheath.

The steel of the blade establishes its durability. The material of the handle is also important for grip and comfort.

Brands have Differing Designs

Certain brands are more tailored to specific uses and occupations than others. There are knives more fit for military use, combat, or hunting.

One of the best and common boot knife brands for hunting is Smith and Wesson. Other recommended brands include Gerber and Schrade.

Boot Knife Facts

Learn these facts to become more familiar with the boot knife. It provides you with more information on its use.

  • It was wielded by cowboys in the 1800s
  • Military pilots used it in the past to help untangle their parachutes if they got stuck in the trees
  • Knives are usually held on a belt or concealed in apant leg
  • A knife on a chain around someone’s neck is called a neck knife
  • It’s good storage for an extra knife

Boot Knives are Highly Recommended

Learning how to wear a boot knife can be useful for camping, hunting, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. Just remember to make sure that it’s legal to own and only use it when necessary.