Extinguisher Deer Call Review: The Best Call Money Can Buy


Deer calling is something of an art form. It takes hours of practice to be able to successfully replicate the authentic calls you see all those professional hunters doing on TV. A truly skilled caller is able to call deer in using a wide range of different tools, but for most of the rest of us, we’re better off just finding one high quality deer call and spending the time it takes to learn how to use it well.

Although there are a number of great, realistic-sounding calls on the market these days, the Extinguisher Deer Call is without-a-doubt one of the best. In this Extinguisher Deer Call review, you can see just what it is about this call that makes it so special and why it continually ranks as the #1 deer calling system on the market.

Extinguisher Deer Call Review: The Basic Facts and Features

Produced by Illusion Game Call Systems , the creators of the top-selling Black Rack rattling system, the Extinguisher is more than just an average deer call. In fact, it’s more like three calls in one. While the majority of deer calls are designed to produce only one type of sound, such as those made by a buck or those made by a doe, the Extinguisher allows you to create realistic sounding buck, doe and fawn calls.

The Extinguisher features a unique function known as the ModiSlide, which allows you to change the tone of the call simply by adjusting the slide on its side. The tone shifts from lower to higher as you adjust the slide, allowing you to easily replicate buck, doe and fawn calls in a matter of seconds. By adjusting the calls, you can quickly switch between them to find the one that is most effective and gets the deer’s attention. You can also make it sound like there are numerous deer in the area. This is another tactic that can help increase your chances of success.

Calling Authenticity

Any deer call is only as good as the person trying to use it, as it takes time and patience to be able to reproduce realistic sounding calls. That being said, the Extinguisher features the innovative Throat-Tube, which uses a double-layered design to produce extremely realistic sounds that allow for successful directional calling.


Compared to most other deer calls out there, the sounds produced by the Extinguisher are much more realistic, and it also gives you a much wider range of calling options. All of this combines to make it one of the most authentic sounding calls on the market, unless you want to download a calling app and carry a set of speakers around with you.

Ease of Use

Although the Extinguisher can produce incredibly realistic calls, you’ll need to spend some time practicing with the call before heading out into the field if you want to achieve the best results. Luckily, the Extinguisher comes with a free instructional DVD to help teach you how to use the ModiSlide to create realistic sounding buck, doe and fawn calls, as well as a lanyard to keep the call secured around your neck.

The DVD features full instructional videos that show you exactly how to do each call, allowing you to practice over and over again until your calls sound just like those performed by the pros on the DVD. It can also be played by any standard CD player, allowing you to listen and practice along to the audio tracks only. As well, all of the instructional videos are also available on the company’s website, giving you numerous opportunities to learn and perfect your calling skills.

Illusion claims that these instructional videos can help teach you ‘the entire whitetail deer language,’ and considering the sheer amount of different calls you can make with the Extinguisher, this claim isn’t that far from the truth.


The versatility of the Extinguisher makes it a fantastic choice for both beginners and advanced callers. However, all of this would be for naught if you couldn’t count on the product to withstand the beating it could be subjected to while out hunting in the field. Luckily, the Extinguisher also happens to be incredibly rugged and durable.


One of the biggest benefits in this regard is its FreezeFree design, which helps to prevent saliva from freezing up inside the call and thus preventing it from working. This can be a big problem in many other calls, as after a few uses, the reed can get stuck or frozen in place. If this happens when a huge buck happens to come walking into your field of view, it can be a huge issue, as you’ll have no way to attempt to call the deer in if the reed in your call is stuck.

This is never a problem with the Extinguisher, as the ModiSlide feature helps to prevent the reed from freezing or getting stuck. All you have to do is move the slide up and down to unstick the reed, and the call will immediately be ready to use. This makes this call ideal for those extremely cold days, as you’ll never need to worry about your call failing, no matter how far below zero the temperature drops.


Thanks to its rugged, durable construction and innovative design, the Extinguisher deer call is truly built to last. However, even if something should happen to it and your call does somehow break, there’s really no need to worry as it is well within every hunter’s price range. While there are definitely cheaper calls out there, none of them can even begin to compete with the Extinguisher.

As you can see by this Extinguisher Deer Call review, no other deer call comes close to matching this one in terms of overall quality, authenticity and durability. In fact, the call received a record 99.6-percent approval rating in a North American Hunting Club field test, which is just another testament to how truly outstanding this call really is. Although there are definitely a number of other great deer calls out there, there is only one Extinguisher.

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