Diamond Infinite Edge Review

Diamond Infinite Edge, though being promoted as a youth bow, is actually a bow suitable for anybody. It is so versatile and durable that it cannot be outperformed. The one reason you can have for wanting to replace your bow is for personal preference.

You can purchase the unit in Black Ops, Pink Blaze or Mossy Oak Break-up. All of these finishes match the bow perfectly and really looks wonderfully fitting.

As with any other compound bow out there, this bow have a number of unique features that makes it a great buy. If you are considering of getting this bow, read on as we share some of the unique features that you can expect from Diamond Infinite Edge Bow.



The unit features solid–piece limbs firmly fixed on a one-piece riser made of aluminum. Having a great base, which perfectly fits the limbs on the riser, makes the difference to the complete compatibility of the bow.

Eccentric System

The unit is equipped with a dual-cam system at 75% release setting. This conveniently designed cam system allows easy control for all skill levels of archers to pull. The bow provides room for levels of adjustments by moving the module of the cam. The draw length of the unit can be set from 13 inches of draw length to as high as 30” and you can do this within just 5 minutes with no bow press.

Draw Cycle

The Infinite Edge offers a continuous draw cycle as it has a wide range of adjustments for drawing weight as well as the lengths. You can start with the easy level and slowly adjust to the harder level without being oppressive during the entire draw while it continues towards the point of transition to release. When the shooter has approached the release, the pin is held on to the target before it releases a great solid shot. As you see, the bow is very easy to use for shooting at targets.

Adjustable for any user

The unit can be adjusted to be compatible to any user. It can be set at such low heights and can be used even by a young individual. It is very easy to adjust to make it easier for a beginner to use and control. He learns easily and understands the mechanics allowing him to move into many different shooting challenges and opportunities. Draw weights can be easily adjusted by either loosening or tightening the bolts at the limbs as per your choice. Although this product is marketed more for youth bow, it is compatible and could be a great choice for all kinds of archers, from beginners to those with advanced expertise.

Usage Scenarios

The bow will stay compatibly useful with the archer and can be used as a hunting rig. When the archer starts to take the bow to the stand or to the blind, he will need to make investments with a number of string silencers as well as a vibration-dampening device.

A great bow as it is, this Diamond Infinite Edge is excellently designed both for the novice shooter, but for more advanced and experienced shooters as well. This bow is such an excellent target bow ideal for beginners, and can easily grow with any shooter. It can also be upgraded to a 3D bow, or you can find this in hunting blind or in a tree stand.

Perfect for beginners

If you want to learn and start getting into archery, this is the most suitable bow for you. You can easily change the setting of the bow to fit to your needs and preference; adjusting to your capabilities and experience as you improve with time. You will find this bow easily adjusts to your needs and performs well at every level you set it up.

  • The string stop is the silencing device for the Diamond Infinite Edge bow. This bow does not need the same silencing device as that of a hunting rig and so it was not made to be equipped with one. Due to this, the bow does not come with a string “twang.”
  • Diamond Infinite Edge bow does not have the best of sight. The default sight you find will fail to meet your personal preferences if you are expecting a quality sight. But if you have no preference then it should not matter too much. The warranty policy is also not customer friendly.

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