Diamond by Bowtech Core: The Great Compound Bow Package by Diamond Archery

Diamond Archery is back to bring hunting enthusiasts with the most affordable and durable compound bow packages out there. The Diamond ByBowtech Core 40-70# Right Hand Compound Bow Package is a grand deal for people trying out archery. The bow is light, compact, and also pleasing to the eyes. It is a Ready Aim Kill (R.A.K) bow that is fine-tuned, tested, and factory installed. Compound bow review shave arrived for the Core, and they do not disappoint.

The Bow Features

The bow features a rotating module to provide an easy draw for adjusting the length without having to use a bow press. It measures about 31 inches from axle to axle and comes in at a light weight of just above three pounds. The Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70# Right Hand Compound Bow Package is currently worth around $450 with free shipping and having a thirty-six percent drop in prices. Moreover, it would be good to know that most of the customer reviews for the product on are a whopping five out of five stars, with the next ones being a four. It is a sure indicator of the quality provided by Diamond Archery.
The Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70# Right Hand Compound Bow Package includes:

  • An arrow rest.
  • 3-Pin Apex Sight.
  • Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver.
  • Five-inch Ultra-Lite Octane Stabilizer.
  • Comfort Wrist Sling, among others.
  • Aside from that, the Alloy Peep and the BCY String Loop complete the package that is well worth the price.

To see how much one can save with the package, it should be noted that the quiver provided by Octane is one of the top hunting equipment out there, with reviews all going for about four out of five stars. This is because the Octane Deadlock LiteQuiver is able to contain five-arrows for a splendid hunting performance despite its mere weight of 0.4 pounds. Giving it a vertical adjustment is possible because of the advanced gripper, and it even has a twist-off quick-detach release. Moreover, the bow-mounted quiver ensures that no vibrations will occur when shooting arrows, and that it would hold them just tight enough to keep them in place.


One will also find some small string silencers in the package, along with the arrow rest mentioned before. It is specifically the Octane Hijack Arrow Rest that would be included, and is currently priced for about fifty U.S. dollars. The arrow rest was constructed with Frohawk Technology. To provide completely quiet arrow loading and shooting, the posts and plungers are felted. Also, it has a three-sided arrow support to give the fastest speed and the most accurate shots. In addition, the plunger and the full-capture posts are not only adjustable but also spring-loaded.

Continuing with the compound bow reviews, the Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70” Right Hand Compound Bow Package takes advantage of its rotating modules so that adjusting the draw length can be achieved without having to replace the cams. Additionally, the five-inch Ultra-Lite Octane Stabilizer is lighter than its competitors while removing as much vibration as them. The stabilizer has rubber over its mold to make sure that is quiet to the touch and the severe weather conditions are nothing to it. Moreover, it has the ability to remove not just the vibrations of shooting and loading, but also any unnecessary noise that might result from using the compound bow. It weighs less than six ounces and has a price tag of about twenty-five U.S. dollars.


Moving on, being tall does not matter if one wishes to use the Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70” Right Hand Compound Bow Package because of its precise measurements intended for easy adaptability by any user. Its draw

weight can increase up to seventy pounds, starting from forty. What makes it one of the best packages out there is that it has built-in accessories that have been tested by the factory so that loading and shooting can begin immediately. The compound bow can shoot arrows at an incredible speed of up to 313 fps, accompanied by 76.16 foot-pounds of kinetic energy arriving at impact. Along with the equipment included in the package which more than make up for its price, the compound bow itself has a Carbon Rod String Stop to minimize any noise that might be created by arrow shots. This is done by simply funneling the vibration of the string to Ultra-Lite Octane Stabilizer of the compound bow.


There are compound bow reviews out there that do not provide all the necessary information. The exception is for the Diamond ByBowtech Core Compound Bow Package. It provides the latest innovations in shooting arrows with compound bows, and has the support of Octane equipment. Diamond Archery has surely done its best to provide both quality and affordability. There is no sweeter deal out there than the package provided by them. Combining durability and accuracy, the compound bow is surely built and ready for the hunting environment.

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