Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70 Review

The sport of hunting has seen its fair share of innovations ranging from scopes to arrows. Many companies have decided to target this sport as their market mainly because of the prevalence of the sport around the world. Such companies constantly research and develop hunting peripherals in order to produce products with the highest level of quality. One example is Diamond Archery’s take on the compound bow. Known as the Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70, this compound bow is currently one of the hottest bows in the market. Read on to find out more about it.


The technical specifications for the Core are as follows: a draw weight of 40 to 70 pounds, a total mass of 3.2 pounds, a let-off percentage of 80%, a draw length of 25 to 30, a kinetic energy of 76.16 foot pounds, a brace height of 7 and ¼ inches, and an IBO speed of 313 feet per second. Basically, these specifications talk about the power of the crossbow with relation to its size and weight. These specifications are actually very good for a compound bow in this price range because these specifications indicate that hunters will have an easy time to use the bow without compromising its accuracy and raw power.


The Core has noticeable features even when looked upon at long distances. The first of these features is the rotating modules that allow the draw length to be adjusted without requiring the hunter to replace the cams. Aside from these, the Core comes in R.A.K. equipped. R.A.K. is an acronym for Ready, Aim, Kill. Basically, this means that the bow is ready to be used right out of the box. Being a R.A.K. equipped bow, hunters will find delight in the standard packaging of this bow. Included in the standard packaging is a 3 pin Apex Sight, an Octane Stabilizer, a Wrist Sling, an Alloy Peep Sight, an Octane Capture Arrow Rest, a Lite Quiver, and a BCY String Loop. These inclusions greatly enhance the bow’s already high power making it one of the most powerful bows for its price range.

Customer Testimonials

Coming in at 4 stars out of a possible 5 stars, the Core has amazed multiple customers, thanks to its incredible features and affordable price. Many customers praised the R.A.K. aspect of the bow saying that this feature greatly reduces the time it takes to adjust the bow based on the user’s preferences. Other users praised the size of the bow saying that it is very light and compact. Another set of users praised the smooth and accurate shots that the bow provides. It is worth mentioning that this product received a 1 star rating from one customer because of a mix up in the orders. This means that the rating is for the management and not for the bow itself.


The Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70 is great for hunters who want a premium-class bow, but are on a tight budget. Its features and specifications are great both on paper and in the field. In fact, this bow speaks for itself when it is used on the field. Its power is uncompromised and its accuracy is spot-on. This bow is definitely a must-have for both amateur and professional hunters.

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