Bow Maintenance Tips for Your Compound Bow

No matter if you shoot your bow for target competition or if you are on the trail of that special trophy buck it is very important to practice compound bow maintenance. This is a must in order to keep your equipment in peak performance. Also bow equipment is expensive and you want it to last for a very long time. Through your archery your compound bow takes a lot of punishment and rugged use. A hunting bow really takes a beating over the course of the hunting season. It is subject to wet and cold weather as well as the beating it takes traveling to and from your hunting destination. A competition archer shooter puts their bow through many hours of target practice each day. Here are a few compound bow maintenance tips to help you get the peak performance from you equipment.

Bow Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect all parts of the before each use
  • Store your bow in a case
  • Oil some parts of the bow and wax others
  • Inspect and tighten loose bolts and accessories
  • Take broken bows to professionals

Inspect all parts of the before each use

This is very important not only for performance but also for your safety. Take a look at your cams, overdraws, and other accessories to make sure they all move freely. If anything is caught or in a bind you can seriously do damage to your bow or yourself. Also it is a good idea to check out your arrows. Make sure your arrow tips are tight and there are no missing fletching. Be sure to check your arrows for cracks or breaks.

Store your bow in a case

Always wipe your bow clean after each use and be sure to store your bow in a case. A case will protect it from any dust and dirt collecting on you bow. If you just hang it in a shed or on your garage you take the chance if your bow getting dirty. Dust could collect on your cams and accessories keeping them from performing at their peaks. Humidity and weather changes are less likely to have an effect on your bow if it is in a case. Always wipe and clean your bow after each use. Never put a compound bow up wet.

Oil some parts of the bow and wax others

Be sure to oil your cams with a type of oil to keep them free and in top working order. It is usually good to use some type of lubricate to apply to most of your bow accessories. It is also a good idea to oil your bow to protect against rust. Piling the parts of your bow will help keep the noise level of your bow down. Wax your bowstring to keep it from drying out and cracking.

Inspect and tighten loose bolts and accessories

This is very important to prevent injury when shooting your bow. Take a look at each part of your bow to make sure each piece is secure. If you find any loose bolts or screws be sure to tighten them up before you shoot your bow. This is important compound bow maintenance practice.

Take broken bows to professionals

Never try to replace broken or cracked limbs on your bow yourself. These professionals are trained to give you the most knowledge and techniques when it comes to bow repair. Also you take a chance in voiding your warranty if the right repairs are not made. Never shoot a bow with cracked or damaged limbs.

These are just some of the many things you can do to take care of your investment. Keep your compound bow in peak performance for years with the right compound bow maintenance.

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