The Best Way to Wax a Compound Bow String

A bow string can last for many years if you treat it in a proper way. Cables and bow string require maintenance just like the rest of the compound bow parts. Worn bow string and damaged cable not only resulted to a bad shot, it is also a potential injury to you and those around you.

Compound bow string is a special woven thread of synthetic material with a high resistance to stretching. To prevent problems with the compound bow string, constant inspection and wax treatment are necessary.

In addition to it being a safety hazard, bow string and cables tend to snag overtime if not being treated properly. Thus, it is important to wax your compound bow string regularly.

However, before you decide to start waxing your bow string, you must first know the proper technique to wax.

Step-by-Step Waxing Guide

This process is rather simple and does not require many efforts. All you need to do is the following:

STEP 1: Ensure that all the parts are clean

STEP 2: Apply a little wax on the string

STEP 3: Used a small leather to rub it thoroughly

STEP 4: Remove any excess wax

It is not recommended to wax part of the string and cables that is interacting with the blocks as wax may adhere to particles of sand and dirt that will harm the blocks.

What to use to rub wax to bow strings?

As was mentioned above, wax is applied to the string in small strokes over the entire length. Then it needs to be thoroughly rubbed into the yarn string. You need to do this fast so that wax could be heated by friction and better absorb between the fibers. To make this process more effective, people use different things to apply wax.

Items use includes:

  • A piece of leather
  • A piece of cloth
  • A piece of suede

Many archers suggest applying wax with the help of your fingers (mostly, using thumb and index fingers). It is a good method, according to the archers’ feedback because the leather or other material usually takes some of the wax off the string. However you could burn your fingers if you do not know what you are doing.

How often should it be applied?

Some says that you need to wax your compound bow string regularly but there are some parties who disagree and recommend once every couple of months. In my opinion, the best time to wax is when you see that the string is completely dry and you cannot feel any wax on it with your fingers.

Another good time to wax your string is before you go on a hunting trip during a rainy weather. This will help to prevent absorption of moisture into your string. But in the event that you are too excited for your trip and forgotten to wax it, always dry your compound bow string before waxing it again.

Precautions when waxing your bow string

When waxing a string, there are a few precautions that you need to take note to ensure a smooth shooting experience. Below are some of the precautions:

  • Use a special wax bowstring (using paraffin wax is strongly not recommended)
  • Do not wax part of the string that comes in contact with the blocks
  • Do not wax a braided bow string


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