Best place to go whitetail deer hunting

An avid hunter knows that hunting is fascinating.  So, during the approach of every fall season, deer hunters know that this is the best time to hunt whitetail deer. There are hundreds of places that one you can go for whitetail deer hunting. There are also thousands of deer hunters who are yearning for a trophy. If you are one of those, here are several places you can go for whitetail deer hunting. The places are not only full of this thrilling animal but also have a lot of fun activities.

Selecting your destinations

Preparation is vital for every deer hunter. It does involve not only the weapons and tools but also the final destination for your most loved activity, whitetail deer hunting. Here are some of the ten best places in US and Canada you can pick:

  • Kansas
  • Texas
  • Minnesota
  • Arizona
  • Saskatchewan
  • Illinois
  • Ohio
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas.


Kansas has approximately 310 records for both typical and non-typical. Only you need to visit this hunting grounds is to enter each spring draw to obtain a tag.


Texas prided itself with 619,650 kills of whitetails in 2008, an indicator of the state’s high population of whitetail bucks. It is rated among the top five US deer hunting state and position five since 1830 to 2001.


Minnesota is the largest state in Canadian border and ranks second in the world record book for whitetail hunting since 1830. Here you will get affordable over the counter tags. It boosts a potential for big bucks and the best place to win a trophy.


Elusive Coues whitetail can be in Arizona. You have a knack for challenging chase, try this state. The only problem is the time you can take to get a deer tag in this state, ten years or more. For the high-spirited, Arizona is the place to get your trophy and big backs.


Saskatchewan is the home of the current typical whitetail deer world record. The fertile lands of Saskatchewan harbors many bucks that the local hunt but never enter in the record, the reason it ranks bellow states like Kansas and Indiana.


The state boasts with 568 entries and the number one destination for non-typical deer. Any part of the state is good for hunting, but most of the whitetail deer are  in Pike Country.  It is a good place for both camping and hunting.


Big buck hunters are turning their interests in Ohio, and you should not be  behind. The state ranks number three and has the finest whitetail deer for a person who  needs that trophy. It is also easy to get a deer tag and a good place for road trips.


The state has habitats fit for whitetail deer characterized by open grassland and mountainous regions. Here you will have the best position to draw your deer tag like no other place. You will find large populations of whitetail in eastern plains and the river bottoms.


Indiana escapes the attention of hunters, but it is one of the best places to bag whitetail deer. It has a high deer population which makes it a good place for hunting to win that trophy.


Since 1830 to 2001, Iowa was ranked number one state for whitetail bucks. The deer are just about anywhere in the state. To draw your deer tag, you will need an accumulation of preference point.

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