5 Best Crossbow Target For Broadheads

Different shooters use different types of arrows which also require a certain kind of crossbow target. Primary considerations include ease of arrow removal, the variety of target options, durability, and price. Thus begins the challenge of finding the best crossbow target. In this article, we highlight the top crossbow targets and compare their features and price.

There are many crossbow targets available with a variety of styles and price points. Before looking at the different options first consider how you will be using your crossbow target and what features are a priority for your needs. The comparison table that follows summarizes the key points of the targets reviewed.

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Bow hunting or archery is a skill that needs to be practiced to be successful. Many towns will have a local archery club that will have everything you need to brush up on those skills or get your target practice in before the big hunt. But life doesn’t always allow us to set aside a couple of hours of our time to go to the range for practice. Maybe you’re looking to get in a quick couple of rounds in with the 30 minutes you have to spare during the day. Before you go out to purchase a target for your bow, there are some important details for you to consider.

First, you should check to be sure that it is legal in your area to shoot a bow outside of an archery club or other designated areas. Secondly, you should be sure that nothing is behind your target for as far as you can see. If this is not possible, then you should use a backstop, such as a fence, woodpile, or some type of material hung behind your target. This will stop any arrows that don’t hit the target.

Best Crossbow Target For Broadheads 2019

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Field Logic’s most technologically advanced archery target, The Block® Vault Archery Target takes thousands of shots from field tips or broadheads. Featuring a locked-in, higher density core, this versatile 4-sided target handles shot after shot for long life. High contrast design improves visibility to make shooting at multiple distances more productive. Layered design makes arrow removal easy, eliminating the need for an arrow gripper.

  • Rugged archery target designed for long life
  • Field Logic’s most advanced target ever
  • Locked-in, higher density core – handles thousands of shots from field tips or broadheads
  • High contrast design for improved visibility – easier shooting at longer distances
  • Easy arrow removal – no need for arrow gripper

The Unstoppable and Easy Carry

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Next on our list of targets comes one that is perfect for those beginning to shoot their bow. Perfect for teaching those young hunters how to become more accurate with their bow before heading into the woods.

This target is rated for 40 pounds of draw or less, making it a great choice for beginners. They can learn with either field tips or broadheads, as this target is designed to withstand both.

The white on black contrast offers more visibility for each shot. You can teach your beginner on the big white dot and watch them improve to be able to move to the smaller white dots. This is sure to boost any beginners confidence.

Cost should not be an issue here with the learning possibilities that this bow target offers. This target offers any beginner the level of skill they will need to improve their game.

The Best For Youth

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While the usual block crossbow target comes in cubes, this Rinehart 18 – 1 Broadhead Target makes a lot of difference by having 18 sides on it. Known for their self-healing foams, the 18 – 1 Broadhead Target also features the same material to ensure that no matter how many times you take the shot, the target will still stay intact and ready to take more shots during your practice.

The ability to transport your crossbow target is also important since some users would like to do them outdoors with their fellow shooters. Since this particular Rinehart is lightweight, it would be very easy to carry it from one place to another. It measures 15” x 15” and has multiple vivid targets printed on its outer layer so that it is easy to see even when shooting long range.

Removing the arrows from the target is an important feature to look out for in a crossbow target. And since the Rinehart 18 – 1 Broadhead can definitely provide this feature to its users, it can be considered as one of the best crossbow target for the money.

The Versatile and Amazing

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Continuous practice is a must to ensure that you always hit your targets, especially during the hunting season. The Rinehart RhinoBlock Target is a foam block type of target that can help you hone your skills while providing you a durable target. All six sides of the Rinehart RhinoBlock Target can be used during practice.

It provides its users 3 different ways to work on their shot. The large targets are best for holding aim; the smaller targets are for arrow placements while you also get a 3D vital zone which develops accuracy.

Rinehart RhinoBlock Target is known for its self-healing foams which makes it possible to take many shots and not worrying about its integrity or damaging its original shape. It’s also a great tool to use as it can work with different types of arrows such as field points, expandable points as well as broadheads.

This particular crossbow target also includes mounting holes so that you can easily elevate the target as well as replacement target inserts which helps prolong its life.

And lastly, the Rinehart RhinoBlock Target only weighs 22 pounds which makes it easy to bring anywhere you may want to take your practice which makes it the best crossbow target in the market right now.

The Double-Duty and Flexible

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The hobby of doing crossbow is a great outdoor activity whether you are doing it for a hobby or maybe for a particular competition. For most hobbyists, having their own trusted crossbow target helps a lot in developing their skills and being able to practice whenever they need to.

The Block Classic Archery Target is made of layered form that makes removing of the arrow easily done.  Shooters using broadheads will also find it easy to pull them off without worrying about damaging the bolts. While it also works with others such as field points and mechanical broadheads.

This particular crossbow target comes in 2 sizes, the 18″ which has 18” x 18″ x 14″ measurement while the other is 20″ x 20″ x 14″.

Why Get a Crossbow Target For Broadheads?

You’re probably wondering: Why bother investing in a target when you can use the usual stand or hang one from sturdy objects like poles or trees? Compared to using those, these targets are useful in having you practice and become a more effective bowhunter! How so? Here are just some of the benefits it has to offer:

DIY archery target ( It will stop crossbows and compound bows arrows )

Homemade crossbow for broadheads , are they really worth the effort?

Some people want to make their targets to practice their shooting skills. In fact, you will find a good amount of help if ever you wanted to start making one for yourself. However, the question is if they can provide good quality and value (considering time and materials) over those that you can get in the market.

Although they are most of the time cheaper, there are also some affordable bag, block and 3D crossbow targets that you can start with. Straw bales are common, but as they get wet, they become heavier and fall apart. Those considering Styrofoam Boards should be aware that arrows tend to quickly degrade the target.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What kinds of archery are there?

A: There are actually several different types of archery:

  • Target archery involves shooting at stationary targets, such as the classic “bullseye” target with multiple concentric circles. In most DIY ranges, a sturdy paper or cardboard target is attached to a bale of hay, or bags of seed. Target archery is what is played in the Olympic games and possibly the most visually recognizable form.
  • Field archery is like an archery scavenger hunt! Targets are set throughout a course, generally through the woods. Archers get to practice shooting from various distances and at different angles and elevations.
  • 3D Archery uses realistic foam animal targets that are often marked in the vital areas that make for efficient, ethical shots. You can put these 3D models anywhere in the woods to set up real-life shots.

Traditional Archery utilizes “old fashioned” bows and arrows to recreate the sport without the modern equipment. Traditional archers shoot at all kinds of targets but generally, they would not use the high tech models we’ve reviewed here.

Q: Does my experience matter when choosing a target?

A: Absolutely it does! You might be hitting the bullseye over and over, but if you haven’t developed a certain level of speed and strength in your shots, your arrows might bounce right off denser targets. Also, if you are trying to shoot the small area where a 3D animal’s heart would be or a tiny little circle on a giant bag target, you’re just asking for frustration. If you feel like you’re not getting the hang of it no matter how hard you try, and how much it looks like you’re hitting that target, you’ll never stick with it. Be sure to choose a target that will work with you.

Q: Can I use any kind of arrow with any kind of target?

A: No. One of the key features of a target is the kind of arrow that can be used without basically ripping it apart. If you want to use broadheads arrows, you need a denser block. The foam overlays of the lighter models are great for absorbing weaker shots and easily removing arrows, but those blocks and bag targets will be practically ripped to shreds if you use a broadhead.

Q: What’s in the bag?

A: It varies, but the bags do come pre-stuffed with plastic foam or cotton.

Q: Where do I put bag targets?

A: So you aren’t shooting down at the ground, you generally will want to either hang the bag or prop it on some kind of stand. You might want to consider putting some kind of extra backstop behind the target, just in case you have a stray arrow or two.

Q: Do all 3D models have replaceable targets?

A: No. In fact, some 3D targets have so-called “self-healing” foam. Those that don’t generally have removable and replaceable foam pieces so that you can keep the model even after successful hits to the target areas.

Q: How do I get my arrows back after I hit the target?

A: It depends on the target. Some will release the arrows with a steady pull. Others, like some 3D models, are recommended for use with special lubricants that will make the arrows easy to remove.

Q: Can I extend the life of my bag target?

A: For the most part, yes, by protecting it from the elements and replacing the cover on most models.


The list provided here was selected for their features, price, and ease of use when it comes to providing the best experience during practice and not damaging your arrows. For those still unsure, the 3 Editor’s Choices are excellent options to give a try.

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