Choosing the best crossbow broadheads can make the difference between a successful hunting expedition and a miserable one. We want to help you reach your crossbow hunting goals.

With most broadheads, hunters are forced to choose between range, accuracy, and deadliness. Read on to see how the best broadhead for crossbow in this roundup delivers all three.

Product Overviews​

We have reviewed the seven top crossbow broadheads. Before we get to the detailed reviews, here is a brief description of the products.

Review Of The Best Crossbow Broadheads For Hunting​

BrandBlade TypeNo. of BladesCut SizeWeight (grain) 
Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain BroadheadRemovable31-1/16" head150Check Price
Swhacker 100 Grain Broadhead
(Editor’s Choice)
Expandable/Mechanical21.75" or 2" deployed blades100Check Price
Carbon Express Nativ 100Fix21.125" head100Check Price
Grim Reaper RazorcutExpandable/Mechanical32" deployed blades100Check Price
Rage Crossbow XExpandable/Mechanical22" head100Check Price
G5 MontecFixed31-1/16" head100Check Price
Spitfire BroadheadsExpandable/Mechanical32" deployed blades100/125Check Price

Great fixed broadheads.

Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead (Pack of 3)
121 Reviews
Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead (Pack of 3)
  • Excalibur crossbow
  • Crossbow arrows
  • Boltcutterbroadhead 6670 150gr 1 1/16Diam
  • 1-1/16" cutting head
  • High-strength, stainless steel construction

The best replaceable-blade broadhead we reviewed is the Excalibur Boltcutter Model 6670 and 6673. At 150 grains, this is also the heaviest broadhead in this roundup.

The Excalibur Boltcutter provides an excellent balance between durability, velocity, and accuracy.

This thread-mounted broadhead is made of high-strength stainless steel. Though the blades are replaceable, they are tough enough that they can be reused after a kill.

The Boltcutter is designed to be used with Excalibur crossbows. Yet, its heft and ease of mounting enable you to use the Boltcutter to great effect with just about any crossbow and just about any arrow.

The 150-grain size also gives you greater “front of center” mass. This improves downrange accuracy at high velocities.

Model 6673 allows the three blades of the Boltcutter to be tuned for even greater accuracy, using Excalibur’s Blade Alignment Technology.

If you want a broadhead that will bring down even a distant target quickly and leave a short but clear blood trail for you to follow, the Boltcutter just might be the broadhead for you.

Reviewers agree, if you want meat in your freezer, the Excalibur Boltcutter will help you put it there.​

  • Durable
  • Replaceable blades keeps long-term costs down
  • Accurate at fairly long range
  • Deadly
  • Mixed reviews on accuracy at long-range (over 25 yards)
  • Higher up front cost than fixed-blade alternatives
  • A few reviewers reported they had trouble following blood trails from hits by this broadhead

Really good flying broadheads

Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100...
304 Reviews
Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100...
  • Each set includes 3 broadheads
  • 100 Grain Expandable 2-Blade Broadhead
  • Blade: .032" thick, stainless steel, honed razor sharp
  • Ferrule: Anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Hardened high carbon steel point

The Swhacker outshines the mechanical/expandable broadhead in our collection of the best crossbow broadheads out there. If you are looking for a broadhead that flies like a field point, the Swhacker is well worth a look.

The anodized aluminum ferrule makes for a very secure and consistent connection between this broadhead and the shaft.

Words like devastating and bone crushing seem to come along with stories about using Swhackers. With its streamlined flight, the Swhacker has tremendous range.

The name fits with the sound it makes on impact “Swhack.”

The 1” blades that are exposed during flight cut through the hide, the rib cage, or even the shoulder. Then, the 2” blades deploy and continue to cut through the insides of the target.

Deep and wide penetration makes for a clear blood trail. An animal hit with a Swackher will be easy to follow and quick to expire.

  • Aim with it like you are using a field point
  • Highly accurate even at long range
  • Punches a big hole
  • Quick kill with clear blood trail
  • One of the most costly broadheads on our list

Greatest arrowheads ever

Carbon Express Nativ 100 Broadhead, 100 Grain Weight, 3-Pack
88 Reviews
Carbon Express Nativ 100 Broadhead, 100 Grain Weight, 3-Pack
  • Solid 2-blade style
  • Versatile - use with low to high poundage bows
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule for superior lightweight strength
  • Item Specifications: Cutting diameter 1.125", Blade Thickness 0.047",...
  • 3 broadheads per pack

The Carbon Express Nativ is the top fixed-blade broadhead in our review of the best crossbow broadheads. The Nativ is a 2-blade broadhead that can work with most crossbows on the market.

As a fixed-blade broadhead, the Nativ works every time. There is no risk of mechanical blades failing to deploy. There is no risk of blades being poorly secured.

Available for less than $5 per broadhead, the Nativ is considerably less expensive than either the top mechanical-blade (Swhacker) or the top replaceable-blade (Boltcutter) broadhead. If you are hunting on a budget, but still want to hunt successfully, you would do well to check out the Carbon Express Nativ.

The 1.125” blade cut is wide enough to bring down the largest of game.

Reviewers report these broadheads to be deadly and accurate with a price that is right.

  • Inexpensive
  • Good cutting properties
  • Very sharp
  • Not as accurate at long range as a good mechanical
  • Some reviewers reported they were flimsy

Best Mechanical Broadhead

Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead Razor Cut 1 1/2-Inch...
32 Reviews
Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead Razor Cut 1 1/2-Inch...
  • Razor cut SS Broad head
  • 3 Blade Broad head
  • 125 Grain Broad head

The Grim Reaper Razorcut SS is a highly accurate and durable Mechanical broadhead made of 440 Stainless Steel. This broadhead is designed for crossbows with speeds in excess of 400 fps.

Many reviewers report seeing deer drop within 30 to 50 yards after being hit by this broadhead, which was designed for large game.

  • High accuracy
  • Long-range
  • Comes with a practice head
  • Reviewers report quick kills with clear blood trails when blades deploy properly
  • Occasional reports of blades not deploying or even breaking off the broadhead
  • More expensive than fixed- or replaceable-blade broadheads

Totally devastating broadhead.

RAGE Crossbowx 2-Blade Broadhead 100gr 2in Cut 3pk 53000
456 Reviews
RAGE Crossbowx 2-Blade Broadhead 100gr 2in Cut 3pk 53000
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 25.4 Centimeters
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 2.29 Centimeters
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 11.43 Centimeters
  • 2-Inch plus Cutting Diameter

The expandable blade of the Rage Crossbow X Blade deploys to create a 2.3″ entry hole in your target. This broadhead was designed to work with a crossbow.

The Ferrule Alignment Technology (F.A.T.) is designed to taper smoothly from the diameter of the shaft to the tip of the broadhead with no sudden indentations. Such an alignment aims to improve the aerodynamic properties of the Crossbow X.

When it comes to cutting through animal hide and shattering bone, the Crossbow X may very well make a bigger hole in your target than any of the other crossbow broadheads we have reviewed.

Reviewers report that the accuracy of the Crossbow X compares favorably to a scoped rifle out to 40 yards. However, a few reviewers complain that the blades do not always deploy.

  • Flies like a flight head
  • Designed for high velocity crossbows
  • Quick kills when the blades deploy properly
  • A free practice head comes with the set
  • Highly accurate
  • We were disappointed to find several reports that the blades failed to deploy
  • Relatively costly

Very effective, durable, and a great value

G 5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain 1-1/16' Cut Broadheads (3...
1,090 Reviews
G 5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain 1-1/16" Cut Broadheads (3...
  • The blade angle is designed to allow for repeated maximum penetration...
  • One-Piece Metal Injection Molding Construction, with no parts needed...
  • Due to the strong tapered blade design's and angle it allows the...
  • 3 Broadheads Per Pack
  • 1" to 1 1/8" Cutting Diameter

The G5 Outdoors Montec 100 grain is a steel fixed-blade broadhead.

With a low price and the possibility of hand resharpening it, this broadhead can be very economical to use and re-use.

Reviews were mixed enough to give us pause about recommending this one. Some reviewers swear by them for accuracy and durability. However, others complain the blades tend to be dull or report they had difficulty resharpening them after use.

Initial reviews indicate the CS (carbon steel) version of this broadhead is very sharp and easily resharpened. Nonetheless, there are too few reviews to be sure that the change in materials has fixed the sharpness issue.

  • Low initial cost
  • Good accuracy
  • Can be resharpened
  • Reviews indicated it can be hard to get sharp
  • Relatively small cutting head
  • Not as accurate as the mechanical-blade competition at long range

Wow and very lethal and accurate arrowhead

Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100...
304 Reviews
Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100...
  • Each set includes 3 broadheads
  • 100 Grain Expandable 2-Blade Broadhead
  • Blade: .032" thick, stainless steel, honed razor sharp
  • Ferrule: Anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Hardened high carbon steel point

The Spitfire Broadhead by New Archery Products is a strong entry in the mechanical blade category of crossbow broadheads.​

The snap-locking blade system prevents premature deployment of the blades without requiring anything like a rubber band to hold it in place. The tips are high carbon steel.

The Spitfire has micro grooves in the ferrule to improves range and accuracy.​

  • Extremely sharp
  • Very long range
  • Durable
  • It does a lot of damage when the blades deploy on impact
  • Occasional complaints of blades failing to deploy
  • Among the more expensive broadheads

What are Crossbow Broadhead For?

Crossbow broadheads are hunting tips. The best crossbow broadheads provide a good balance of qualities in answering four questions:

  1. How accurately can I hit the game I’m hunting with this broadhead?
  2. Out to what range can I rely upon it to bring down game?
  3. How easily can I find the game once I hit it? A broadhead that kills quickly and that leaves a clear blood trail is the best here.
  4. What is the long-term cost of using this broadhead?

What Types of Crossbow Broadheads are Out There?

There are three basic types of crossbow broadheads: Fixed-Blade, Replaceable-Blade, and Expandable-Blade.

Fixed-blade Broadheads

Fixed-Blade Broadheads have rigid and permanent blades. The broad blades on these tips often lead to a significantly shorter range than that generated by flight tips.

When a good fixed-blade broadhead hits, the resulting wound is often deep and wide, leading to a clean kill. These tips are often glued to the bolt.

Their behavior on impact is highly consistent. If any part of the broadhead is damaged it may be necessary to replace the entire bolt and head.

Replaceable Blade Broadheads​

Replaceable-Blade broadheads can be economical because they can be reused even if a blade is damaged. These tips generally screw on with a ferrule.

These broadheads can share some of the advantages of the fixed-blade tips (wide and deep penetration) but may not be as tough overall.​

Expandable or Mechanical Blade Broadheads

Mechanical Broadheads are more streamlined than the other types. The blades expand during impact with the hunting target.

Having the blades retracted during flight allows these broadheads to have accuracy and range more similar to those enjoyed with flight tips. The depth of penetration generated by mechanical broadheads can be less than that with other broadheads because some of the flight energy is expended in deploying the blades. However, with draw weights over 100 pounds, the typical crossbow should propel these bolts fast enough that the drop-off in penetration will not be noticeable.​

Choose the Right Size of Broadhead

Broadheads are sold by weight. Check your manual to find out the minimum weight bolt (shaft, nock, and fletching plus broadhead) your crossbow is designed to handle.

If you fire your crossbow with too light a broadhead, you may break a string or bend your axles. You also may be injured.​

Secure Your Broadhead Correctly

Many broadheads are screwed into the shaft. A broadhead wrench is an inexpensive tool that makes mounting broadheads safe and efficient.


In a crowded field, with many excellent choices, the Swhacker stands out as the best of the best crossbow broadheads of all. With the Swhacker, we found a broadhead that is strong across the board: accurate and effective out to longer ranges than its competition while consistently delivering a devastating blow when it hits.​