What is the best compound bow for the money?

When it comes to sports like archery, people find it rather offbeat and think it must be something beyond their capability. But to be very honest, it is no rocket science. You can always learn archery, especially when you don’t need to start with bow and arrows made out of wood!

Introducing you to the new Diamond Archery Infinite Edge bow, a product that has revolutionized the concept of archery. When you look for the best compound bow for the money, this bow is definitely the one. Read on to find out why it is value for money.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package – best value for your money

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According to customers, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow is considered a well rounded winner. It fires off arrows fast and silent, making it difficult to hear anything when you’re using it. Even though it’s not as fast as more expensive bows, it’s still incredibly fast for its price (around $350) and much faster than cheaper comparable bows.

This bow will come with some accessories which includes:

  • 3-pin TruGlo Apex sight.
  • Hostage XL Arrow Rest.
  • Octane Deadlock Light quiver.
  • Tube peep sight.
  • BCY string loop.

Excellent User Experience

When in action, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow has no vibrations, no kickback and is simple easy for archers to shoot. The product has been a hit ever since its release; it’s a rather light bow, its weights nothing when compared to a destroyer. One great quality of a good compound bow is that it must be silent, but fast.

The product fulfills it successfully. It is easy to shoot with this bow because it has more penetration power, which makes it an ideal and effective bow. There are no kickbacks, has zero vibration and it has been designed and engineered rather marvelously to have such a superior mechanism at a reasonable price. This bow is the best compound bow for the money.

6 Reasons To Choose Diamond Infinite Edge Bow

If you are just starting out with archery, this is the bow you should go for. But what are the other advantages other than good technique, mechanism and engineering? Here’s a closer look:

1. Wider Sight View
The product has a wider sight view, which enables you to have a much clearer look before you shoot.

2. Better Range Estimator
In archery, targeting and estimating the range is one big challenge. It takes years of practice to do that. So if you opt for a narrow view bow, it only adds up to the difficulty level. Going for the product ensures you have the right estimation to hit the target because you can estimate the range better.

3. Price vs Value
The bow costs $345.44, this is a really awesome compound bow and is one of the cheapest bows available in the market today. While the only ‘advantage’ you get with the expensive bows is that there is much narrower view, but there’s no point going for it since you get the best compound bow for the money which actually serves better.

4. Adjustable Bow
The product is versatile and adjustable, which allows you to set it just the way you want according to your capacity and comfort level. The very ability to set the draw length sets it apart from other bows, which is 13″-30″.

5. Perfect Weight Bow
If there’s anything that should be absolutely perfect about a bow, it’s the weight. A bow always needs to be light enough for the shooter to be able to hold it for a long time if needed. This product is 5-70 lbs which certainly makes it very easy to handle and shoot.

6. Zero Vibration
The zero vibration takes this product to an entire new level, making it much easier to handle and shoot.

In Conclusion

So no matter how much competition this product has, it is always the best compound bow for the money. Try out this product today for a hands-on experience and mastering archery the safe way. Check out our full Diamond Infinite Edge Bow review now.

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