Editor's Choice
Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer, 6-Inch, Camo
Highest Quality
LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer, 4-1/2 Inches, Camo
Best For Budget
NAP Black Apache Stabilizer 8 Inch Stealth Dampening
Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer
LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer
NAP Black Apache Stabilizer
Jaw dropping looks, big time functionality
Works like a charm
Great for Stability and Stealth
Editor's Choice
Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer, 6-Inch, Camo
Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer
Jaw dropping looks, big time functionality
Highest Quality
LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer, 4-1/2 Inches, Camo
LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer
Works like a charm
Best For Budget
NAP Black Apache Stabilizer 8 Inch Stealth Dampening
NAP Black Apache Stabilizer
Great for Stability and Stealth

Since ancient times, archery has evolved from a significant part of warfare and hunting to a recreational sport complete with competition. Today, archery has continued to evolve with archers continually looking for ways to improve their hunting success and their overall skills.

The compound bow in the 1960’s has been one of the biggest contributions to the sport but it also adds vibration and noise which can be annoying for hunters. Stabilizers help to solve some of these issues and help archers reach a steady release under the considerable force that is produced by the bow.

Here are our guide and review to help you find the best bow stabilizer for your hunting season.

Review Of The Best Stabilizer For Hunting​

Jaw dropping looks, big time functionality

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer, 6-Inch, Camo
235 Reviews
Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer, 6-Inch, Camo
  • 6 Inch Length
  • Ultra Light Weight Design comes with 2 Customizable Weights for Added...
  • Braided Wrist Sling Included
  • Unique Design Allows Air to Easily Pass Through, Giving You a Steadier...
  • Features our Ballistix CoPolymner System

This one is among the most highly sought after, and in no small part that is due to its light weight. Designed for the enthusiasticbow hunter, it comes with a couple of customizable weights that you can use to control the balance and weight as necessary. One of the reasons this is in our list is the way it lets air pass quickly and effortlessly, and this helps you produce better shots even in windy conditions.

As you’d expect from thebest compound bow stabilizer, the Trophy Ridge is lightweight, mainly due to the Ballistix CoPolymer System. the Ballistix CoPolymer System is 25% lighter compared to aluminum, and the material used here is what allows the stabilizer to be molded into its current shape. Whether you are new to hunting or not, the Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer will definitely come in handy.

The Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer will help make your bow as stable as possible. It has an adjustable weight set that allow you to fine tune your bow creating tighter groups and less bow shock.

Trophy Ridge stabilizer absorbs shock with additional weight on the front to prevent unfortunate imbalance that can change the trajectory of your arrow.

It has an ultra-lightweight design that comes with two customizable weight for additional balance. The Ballistix copolymer system has the durability of aluminum but with 25% less weight that offers soft-touch coating for reducing vibration.

Includes a braided wrist sling with unique design allows the wind to pass through which gives you a steadier shot.

Features include:

  • 6 Inch Length
  • Ultra-light weight design comes with two customizable weights for additional weight and balance
  • Includes Braided Wrist Sling
  • Unique design allows air to easily pass through and gives you a steadier shot during windy conditions
  • Features our Ballistix CoPolymner System
  • Noticeably quiter and improves accuracy
  • Feels like a solid bow with the stabilizer on
  • Slim, light, functional and looks great
  • Shorter than the description says it is
  • Only good for look and balance
  • Not good for a short brace height

Works like a charm

LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer, 4-1/2 Inches, Camo
158 Reviews
LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer, 4-1/2 Inches, Camo
  • Lightweight bow stabilizer with unique continuous spiral design
  • Made from LimbSaver's proprietary NAVCOM material to dampen vibration...
  • Coiled design independently increases the surface area to dampen...
  • Quick and easy to install; for use in all harsh weather conditions
  • Standard-sized S-Coil measures 4-1/2 inches and weight 4.5 ounces.

The LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer is perfect to reduce shock and make you bow really quiet. It features a continuous spiral design that isolates and dampens vibration at an increased rate.

LimbSaver S-Coil also reduces bow torque that provides a smoother feel and reduces bow jump creating a quieter shooting experience.

The stabilizer has remarkable balance and measure 4-1/2 inches and weight 4.5 ounces.

It is made from LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM technology (Noise and Vibration Control Material) and dramatically increases the surface area of the energy-absorbing material which creates nodes that will cancel shock independently.

This bow stabilizer will reduce recoil and noise with a great short, lightweight dampener. It is quick and easy to install and durable enough to withstand any harsh environments.

Features include:

  • Lightweight bow stabilizer that comes with a unique continuous spiral design
  • Made from LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM material to dampen vibration and unwanted noise
  • Comes with a coiled design independently increases the surface area to dampen vibration for smoother feel, reduced bow jump
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Features our Ballistix CoPolymner System
  • Noticeably quiter and improves accuracy
  • Feels like a solid bow with the stabilizer on
  • Slim, light, functional and looks great
  • Shorter than the description says it is
  • Only good for look and balance
  • Not good for a short brace height

Great for Stability and Stealth

The New Archer Product 8 Inch Apache Stabilizer is also regarded as one of thebest archery stabilizerproducts online. Unlike other bow stabilizers the construction here is more solid and typical of the other products made by Apache. There are a lot good features on thiscompound bow stabilizer, and one of the most important is the proprietary dampening elements that helpreducethe noise and vibration produced by each shot.

Another reason why this is can be regarded as one of the value for money stabilizers is it has a detachable 3 inch, 2 oz. accessory bar that provides additional balance for your bow. Style wise the bow looks sharp as it comes in camo and black. You can also convert this stabilizer by taking out the extender. At the back is stiff plastic bushing so when it is placed on a bow, the finish does not get damaged.

The Apache stabilizer is a great 8″ stabilizer that is made lighter with a removable section and can be shortened down to 5″. It comes in both a camo and a black color to help you disappear into your surroundings.

NAP Apache stabilizer has solid construction and the stealth qualities you are looking for plus it features proprietary dampening materials that stop vibration and silence your bow at the shot.

The package also includes a removable 3 inch long, 2 oz carbon fiber accessory bar that helps to balance out your bow.

Features include:

  • Size: 8 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Durable
  • Reduces noise after taking a shot
  • Vibration is minimized as well
  • Reduces vibration much better than noise

Great stabilization and dampening

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme - 8' - Red
115 Reviews
Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme - 8" - Red
  • Sport hunter xtreme - 8 inch - Red - new 2016
  • Bee Stinger hunting Stabilizer
  • Red in color

When it comes to carbon choices or bow stabilizers in general, the Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer is one name that’s bound to come up. Unlike poorly made stabilizers, the Xtreme was designed to do two things well: reduce vibration while taking a shot and providing maximumstabilization.

As one of the best online, this stabilizer is packed with a lot of features that make shooting much easier. The Xtreme is equipped with a Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener and a De-Resonator, and this is what allows the device to reduce vibration. While a lot of products claim to be the best, the Bee Stinger is packed with features and specifications that allow it to live up to the hype.

The B-Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme 10″ Stabilizer was developed to provide excellent stabilization that gets rid of the shot-induced vibration.

This is the ultimate hunting stabilizer and the Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener and De-Resonator together reduce any transferred vibrations when the arrow is released.

The B-Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme comes with individual 1 oz. end-weights that allow you to customize your stabilizer so you get the perfect balance for your needs. It is 6” long and is 6.5” long with the additional weights.

Features include:

  • Ultra-Rigid 100% Carbon Rod with SIMS Internal Harmonic Dampener
  • Powder-coated End Caps with Stainless Steel mounting bolts
  • 10″ Bar Only Length with (3) adjustable 1-ounce end weights
  • SIMS De-resonator
  • Perfect length for a stabilizer
  • Well-made, adds balance and reduces vibration well
  • Perfect stabilizer at a reasonable price
  • Color of the stabilizer fades
  • Doesn’t work as well with older bows
  • Camo pattern is different than other camo patterns so it doesn’t match other equipment

Excellent Stabilizer Improves Accuracy

Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer, Mossy Oak Break-Up...
57 Reviews
Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer, Mossy Oak Break-Up...
  • High modulus carbon rod
  • Adjustable weights for customized balance
  • Internal harmonic dampener and de-resonator for vibration reduction

Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx 8″ Bow Stabilizer seems like a great stabilizer to have when you are under pressure. It reduces vibration and gives you better accuracy.

The Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener and De-Resonator offer double-duty on reducing shot-induced vibration and providing great control for your shots.

There are also three removable end weights that allow you to customize your performance by providing different balance options.

The Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx is made with a high-modulus carbon rod that gives you excellent stiffness and its patented design provides you with better shot control.

Features include:

  • Ultra-Rigid 100% Carbon Rod with SIMS Internal Harmonic Dampener
  • Has Powder-coated End Caps with Stainless Steel mounting bolts
  • 10″ Bar Only Length with (2) 4-ounce and (1) 2-ounce adjustable end weights
  • SIMS De-resonator
  • No doubt it will improve your accuracy
  • All the weight is concentrated on one end and it is easy to remove
  • Adds more balance and the length doesn’t distract user
  • Looks like a paper towel holder
  • Larger than it is pictured
  • Weights are giant and can be seen from a tree so not very good for hunting

TruGlo TruTec Carbon Pro Bow Stabilizer

This is another name that comes up when you talk about the best stabilizers, and it is deserving because it goes far in improving your balance and cutting down the movement that arises when you use a bow. Another reason why this should be regarded as one of thebest compound bow stabilizerproducts today is its Tri-foil shape, as it helps keep a rigid stance, important for keeping the bow stable.

Any candidate for thebest archery stabilizershould offer some degree of customizability, and the TruGlo does not disappoint with its adjustable weight suspension that allows you to tweak the stabilizer as necessary.

  • Fully adjustable
  • The rod is made from durable carbon fiber
  • Helps improve shooting
  • Reduces incessant movements
  • At just under 8 inches, some might prefer longer stabilizers

Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer Lite

The Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer Lite is the last one on our list of the topcompound bow stabilizerproducts, but do not let the term “lite” fool you. This is a feature packed stabilizer and should more than meet the needs of the majority of bow and arrow enthusiasts.

If you’re in need of thebest bow stabilizer for the moneythe Trophy Ridge Lite is a good bet. The manufacturer has constructed the stabilizer in such a way that it eliminates the noise and vibration that is so common when using bows. The vibration and noise are so commonplace that people assume it is normal. However it isn’t, and with a good stabilizer you will be rid of it.

The Trophy Ridge Shock Lite is one of thebest stabilizer for bowbecause it has a shock absorbent rubber compound which provides balance while getting rid of vibration and noise. This stabilizer utilizes a standard thread pattern that will allow you to mount it on any bow’s front stabilizer.

  • Improves balance
  • Light
  • Comes with knuckles
  • Tuned for 22” to 27” risers
  • A braided wrist sling is included
  • Very much in demand and therefore not as readily available

Best Bow Stabilizers Buyer’s Guide

Newcomers to archery will be surprised to find far more happening on the riser of the bow than a simple handle for the shooter to grasp the bow. Long rods or short fat protuberances can often be found sticking out of the bow. These are bow stabilizers.

Top 5 Best Bow Stabilizers For Hunting That Really WorkTop 5 Best Bow Stabilizers For Hunting That Really Work

With a huge increase in power from many of today’s top-end hunting bows and the continued reduction in weight they are a necessary accessory that can vastly improve the performance of a bow and can greatly help the shooter with their accuracy.​

The effectiveness of the stabilizer in providing stability and balance will come down to the weight that has been added to the front end. Having the option of adding and removing weights during the tuning process is a must for any bow hunter who is serious about getting their bow set up properly to perform consistently.​

How Does A Bow Stabilizer Work?

Top 5 Best Bow Stabilizers For Hunting That Really Work​We know what the purpose of the stabilizer is so now we should take a look at how it works.

​When a compound bow is drawn there is a huge build up of energy that is stored in the limbs. This energy is released dramatically quickly when the string is released. Only some of that energy is absorbed by the arrow as it is fired from the bow.

The rest remains within the bow and all of that energy becomes movement in the form of vibration. This vibration is transferred to anything touching the bow, such as your hand. Two things will happen, the vibration will hit your hand in the form of hand shock and that can create sudden movement in your hand which will affect the shot and it will also result in noise.​

​The energy that is built up in a compound bow simply wants to be spent somehow. By adding a stabilizer you are giving that energy the perfect place to spend itself.

​Stabilizers absorb noise that comes from vibration within the rubber (or similar material) that is built into the body. This type of material has the capability of accepting the vibration and allowing it to dissipate without making a sound.

How It Stabilizes​

​The primary purpose of the bow stabilizer again relates to controlling the energy that is produced by your bow.

Without a long weighted stabilizer the bow will have a tendency to wander all over the place when the string is released.​

By adding weight to the lower half of the bow, it will be dragged down in a straight line at the shot which means that the bow can be held steadier. The stabilizer can be tuned with additional weight until you are satisfied with its performance.​

​By adding weight to the bow through the stabilizer you can also combat hand torque. As the stabilizer length is increased there is less torque on the bow.

Hunting and target stabilizers are clearly different and are designed for slightly different purposes. This is particularly the case if you compare a 4.5 inch Limbsaver S-Coil with a 30 inch Doinker Platinum Hi-Mod Target stabilizer.​

The primary role of the shorter stabilizer is to reduce vibration and noise, noise being a very important factor to the hunter. For the target shooter, noise isn’t such a big concern and is more focused on accuracy and keeping the bow held straight.​

As a hunter you want to get your bow well balanced and for some, this may be with a standard front bar that extends straight out from the bow. In general terms the further out you can put the weight, the less weight is required.​

​By using a front end bar you would already be confident that you have the bow properly levelled and balanced when at full draw.

​But there is another type of stabilizer that will help balance your bow and that’s a side bar. The side bar can be used to counter the weight that might be added to one side of the bow with accessories such as a bow sight, the arrow rest and a quiver.

​By placing a side bar on the opposite side to all of the other accessories it will be far easier to hold the bow level when at full draw.

Why Are Bow Stabilizers Different Sizes?​

​One of the things you’ll notice pretty quickly when you start looking around for a bow stabilizer is that they come in a range of different sizes.

​When looking at stabilizers for hunting you can buy stabilizers from as short as 4 inches to as long as around 15 inches. Of course, when looking for bow stabilizers for 3D shooting and target shooting you will find that they are far longer.

​The shorter stabilizers provide vibration dampening but don’t really offer the stabilizing that you might be after. A good example of a short bow stabilizer and possibly the most popular in the market is the Limbsaver S-Coil.

​I think that as a general rule you will need a bow stabilizer of more than 8 inches to give you the stabilizing effect that will balance a bow. Many people list the Limbsaver Hunter Pro, which is available in a 10 inch version, as one of the best performers available.

​The fact that the shorter stabilizers don’t necessary perform a stabilizing function is not necessarily a good or bad thing because people are looking for different features when it comes from what their bow stabilizer will offer them.

Here, the different common lengths are listed with their ideal uses.

Under 10”

Shorter stabilizers under 10” are mostly designed for dampening vibrations and are best suited for hunting bows. If you’re wondering what is the best stabilizer for bow hunting, it will most likely be under 10”. Because of their short length they make it easier for hunters to move around in the confines of hunting stands and ground blinds. They are also more impervious to wind resistance.


Medium length stabilizers are also fine for hunting, although anything longer than 12” is less likely to be used by most hunters. Stabilizers of this size are more often found at ranges. Greater length will increase the balance and disperse vibration better. Naturally, it also makes the bow more unwieldy.


At the range, and especially in competition, pros will often have stabilizers anywhere from 16”-30” or more. The controlled environments of target ranges and competitive shooting makes these viable options. The increased length takes full advantage of the steadying that a stabilizer should provide. This length is generally not at all suitable for hunters, except in rare cases.

What About Offset Bow Stabilizers – What Do They Do?​

​A bow that has been set up with a few simple accessories such as a quiver and a bow sight is going to fall away differently to a bare bow. The weight on one side of the bow will have an effect on how the bow falls at release and this is going to have an effect on accuracy.

It’s for this reason that offset bow stabilizers have been designed. The offset nature takes the weight further from the center line to the opposite side of the bow to help correct the balance.​

​For some, this balance issue may not be a problem, particularly if you are in the habit of taking short range shots. But as the range increases, so will the importance of having a properly balanced bow.

​The range of different types of offset stabilizers caters to all types of situations from the short-framed parallel limb bows to the longer bows that carry more weight.

What Does A Bow Stabilizer Do?

There are a number of different uses that a bow stabilizer provides but he primary reason for using them is to help to keep the bow steady at the shot.​

​In fact, the name gives away the purpose. It is a stabilizer because it provides better stability and will help the shooter to hold the bow steady so that the pins of the bow sight can be held firmly on the target.

​As far as many hunters are concerned, a bow stabilizer should also perform another bunch of tasks, namely:

  • ​Vibration dampening
  • Reduction of hand shock
  • Noise reduction

One of the vital additions to most quality bow stabilizers is a dampening device of some sort. Some manufacturers have teamed up with bow manufacturers to incorporate their patented dampening technology into the stabilizer.

​Specifically, brands such as Axion use the Mathews Harmonic Dampener to provide the vibration dampening capability.

Top 5 Best Bow Stabilizers For Hunting That Really WorkBest Offset stabilizers, such as the Stokerized SS1 or the new Stasis stabilizer (shown above) adds more weight to the bow to increase the stability provided. The idea is to increase adjustability without extending the stabilizer any further.

Another extremely adjustable stabilizer that is a one piece offset stabilizer is the Doinker Tactical stabilizer. It can be positioned forward or back to whatever position you require and with the offset mount you are able to balance out the weight of the accessories that are on the other side of the bow.​

​It is possible to buy offset bracket mounts to customize the position of your stabilize so that it best meets your needs.

Materials Used In Stabilizer Construction

​Stabilizers are generally made by a combination of materials that are all designed to offer the best of all worlds. This is because there is a fine balance between adding some weight in a very specific point but not to the bow itself.

​What I mean by that is that the body of the stabilizer is usually as light as possible while weight is added towards the end.

​So what we are seeing is stabilizer shafts made from high-grade aluminium, polymer plastic or carbon. In each of the three materials listed here a big factor that you are looking for is a rod or shaft that is rigid.

​The dampening material is invariably rubber. In most cases it is found towards the end of the stabilizer and a weight or a number of weights will be situated at the very end.

​One of the component of the majority of stabilizer designs is the threaded end. When mounting them as front end stabilizers the stainless steel thread will allow it to be screwed tightly and securely to the bow.

​In all cases the materials used are top quality and created to absorb enormous amounts of energy without being compromised.

A well madecarbon bow stabilizercan be hard to come by if you don’t know where to look, but by simply using this guide you don’t have to deal with that problem anymore. Armed with these stabilizers, your performance with the bow and arrow is going to improve

Factors To Consider:

1. Vibration and noise dampening component

Probably the most important part of a best bow stabilizer is its vibration and noise dampening constituent, which typically consists of rubber, gel, or sand. The vibration and noise dampening component serves to absorb shock, noise, and vibration.

This vibration-dampening feature of the bow stabilizer allows the user to feel less of the ringing sensation when releasing an arrow into the air. How does that work? Well, simply put, when a bow is drawn, the weight is being pulled backward, taking energy with it. When the arrow is released, a bow stabilizer will receive some of that energy and absorbs the vibration and shock that your hand would feel, otherwise.

In other words, you’ll feel much comfortable using your bow when you have a stabilizer. Using one can also reduce bow torque (refers to the tendency of a force to rotate an object around its axis), which can get really uncomfortable with repetitive shots.

On the other hand, noise-dampening of the bow stabilizer can reduce the chances of scaring off your prey with the sound of a bow whipping against your arm guard, which is essential when stalking andhunting while on a tree stand.

Nowadays, innovative technologies are put into bow stabilizers so that they can decrease vibration and noise significantly. Further down this article, you’ll see the reviews regarding different products’ ability to lessen these burdening factors.

2. Weight

Weight of the bow stabilizer determines its functionality when it comes to absorbing shock and promoting balance of the bow. It helps promote stability of your grip and aim, which, in turn, allows you to relax your grip more andreduce the struggleof aiming at your target. Essentially, a bow stabilizer can help you keep the aim on the target without too much stress on the bow.

A good bow stabilizer has its weight at the end opposite its attachment to the bow. The weight on this end functions to counterbalance the weight of the bow. With this, the bow is more stabilized and the archer can have a much accurate shot at his target.

Balancing your bow

If you have a bow stabilizer that can aid well in balancing your bow, you can concentrate more on your grip and aim than you do on keeping your sight at the center of your target. However, it all comes down to the weight of your own bow. Keep in mind that a stabilizer will definitely add more weight to your bow, so if you feel that you can’t handle a heavy stabilizer, opt for a lighter one instead.

Furthermore, if you’re using a lighter and more modern bow, you want to match it with a stabilizer that doesn’t add too much weight at the end, or you’ll have your bow tipping downwards instead of straight ahead. Similarly, if you’re using a heavier hunting bow, you want the weight of your stabilizer to be heavy as well, to match the weight of your bow so that it will be equalized.

The weight of the rest of your pack

One thing you also have to consider is the weight of the rest of your pack. Yes, it is important to keep in mind that while out hunting, you need to make sure that you can handle the load you’re bringing. So, if you have more than one stabilizer, I recommend choosing the one fit for your trip. (Lighter stabilizers for long trips, and heavier ones for short trips). Unless, of course it compromises the use of your bow to the expected prey.

3. Length

Another important factor that you have to consider is the length of the bow stabilizer. Generally, hunters prefer shorter and stubbier bow stabilizers because they’re much easier and more convenient to use when hunting.

However, the length you need will depend on the activity of the archer. For instance, target archers will need a longer bow stabilizer to provide stability while shooting, while hunters will need a shorter bow stabilizer because they will need to move while shooting; which isn’t a good idea with long bow stabilizers.

Moreover, long stabilizers, in comparison with short ones, will add to the accuracy of the shot and absorb more energy. However, long stabilizers will be inconvenient to have when you’re moving around while hunting, as well as they provide additional weight to the bow.

On the other hand, short stabilizers are convenient to use and are used more to absorb shock and vibration, as well as to suppress noise. They’re recommended for hunters who can get closer to their prey because you’re not going to be getting much accuracy from a short stabilizer.

Do I Really Need One of These Things?

Nope! Plenty of folks don’t use a stabilizer and never will. Stabilizers are not required, in any way, to shoot a bow, be accurate, and enjoy what you’re doing. Plenty of people don’t like the feel of stabilizers, and plenty of other folks simply don’t like the endless modifications that modern archery seems to promote. If you’re into traditional archery, roving, or archery tag, stabilizers really aren’t necessary. With adequate practice and appropriate coaching, you should be able to develop your skills, with or without a stabilizer.

That said, there are two things to keep in mind…

The higher up climb on the competitive ladder, the more you’re going to see stabilizers. If you type “Olympic archer” in your favorite search engine and look at some of the photos that pop up, you might have a hard time finding an image that doesn’t feature an archer with a stabilizer and V-bars. In terms of accuracy, when stabilizers are combined with a training regimen, they can prove worthwhile. And…

Hunters love them. So much so, that bow manufacturers who make hunting compounds usually feature a stabilizer that comes with the bow. The Diamond Infinite Edge—a great hunting bow for beginners—usually comes with a short black stabilizer screwed into the riser. Hunters really enjoy the added stability, but REALLY like the sound-dampening qualities.

And.. that about wraps it up for stabilizers! Hopefully this helps a bit. Good luck, and happy shooting!


​There are tons of stabilizers on the markets in all sizes, weights and materials with some coming with extensions and the ability to customize weight. Others will vary in weight but keep the same length and width.

Others use rubber to dampen the vibration while others use a gel compound. Graphite is sometimes used to give stabilizers more durability and some stabilizers come in camouflage for hunting.

Among these 5 best bow stabilizers, we chose LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer to be the most worthy bow stabilizer for hunting. Not only can the LimbSaver S-Coil reduce shock and vibration, it also reduces bow torque that provides a smoother feel and stops bow jump which gives you a quieter shooting experience.

It has great balance and reduces coil and noise with just a short, lightweight dampener. LimbSaver S-Coil has a quick and easy installation process and can withstand any weather condition.

In conclusion, the quality come within this bow stabilizer brings is far beyond its really affordable price.

The winner of the Best Bow Stabilizer is the LimbSaver S-Coil