Using the best bow release possible will significantly improve your archery game so that you can pull and fire with as much precision as possible. Bow releases allow you to draw the bow in an easier method.

For the most part, these bow releases affix to your wrist or are gripped so that you have a sturdy draw that draws strength from your arm rather than your fingers. Connected to this wrist strap/buckle is a clip that is controlled by a trigger that will release the string when you want to fire.

Our Top 5 Picks

BrandBest Feature 
TRU-FIRE Patriot Jr PT-JR Release
(Editor’s Choice)
Great release for younger archersCheck Price
Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release16 position trigger knobCheck Price
Allen 153 Archery Caliper ReleaseInnovative duel trap systemCheck Price
Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback ReleaseComfortable leather constructionCheck Price
TRU-FIRE Hurricane HC-EX-BW Extreme Buckle Web ReleaseFold-away release mechanismCheck Price

Quick Review:

TRU-FIRE Patriot Jr PT-JR release Power Strap

Best Feature: This is a great release for younger archers to learn with.
What We Liked The Most: The trigger release can be adjusted in many different ways.
What We Did Not Like: The Velcro; like all Velcro, it can crinkle at inopportune times.

Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release

Best Feature: Its 16 position trigger knob allows you to adjust the tension needed to fire.
What We Liked The Most: Users love its tension adjustability.
What We Did Not Like: When it’s on a lanyard, the release can inadvertently bang against your bow, potentially scaring away game.

Allen 153 Archery Caliper Release

Allen Adult Archery Caliper Release, Black
The Allen Company - Sports
Best Feature: While this is a Velcro release, the dual strap system is very innovative.
What We Liked The Most: How easy it is to use this release right or left handed.
What We Did Not Like: It’s not for every sized hand.

Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Fold-back Release

Best Feature: The leather construction of this release is very comfortable.
What We Liked The Most: The responsive trigger.
What We Did Not Like: The large yellow capture triangle that works against the camo.

TRU-FIRE Hurricane HC-EX-BW Extreme Buckle Web Release

Best Feature: Its fold-away release mechanism.
What We Liked The Most: The comfortable nylon and fit.
What We Did Not Like: The strap can wear on this release, especially around the buckle holes.

Reviews of The Best Bow Release

TRU-FIRE Patriot Jr PT-JR release Power Strap

Tru-Fire PT-JR Patriot Junior Compound Bow Archery Release...
216 Reviews
Tru-Fire PT-JR Patriot Junior Compound Bow Archery Release...
  • AFFORDABLE, EASY TO USE - The Velcro strap provides a quick and...
  • STURDY. SMOOTH - The patriot has a durable steel trigger with a smooth...
  • ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER - Adjust the sensitivity to control the trigger...
  • AMBIDEXTROUS - The trigger head rotates a full 360 degrees making it...
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - The most economical American made release...

If you are looking for the best bow release for hunting, you’ll find that we’ve featured quite a few products from archery company Tru-Fire. As a matter of fact, you won’t find a better company because Tru-fire truly keeps the archer in mind.

I’ve found that this particular model of archery release has a great strap system, despite the fact that I usually prefer buckles. The Velcro is strong and doesn’t wear out too easily so that you can get the right fit for years.

What I really like about this particular release is its actual trigger. The trigger can easily be adjusted to give you a reduced or increased action so that you can select a comfortable pull.

  • Engaging the jaws on the release is easy. Just press it forward to close around your string.
  • The trigger itself is comprised of strong metal.
  • You can adjust the trigger travel for a tighter pull.
  • Even for a junior release it’s very small. If you’re planning to use this for a teenager, get a larger version.
  • It doesn’t have a spring loaded trigger.
  • The Velcro can collect dust and leaf particles.

Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release

Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release
59 Reviews
Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release
  • Head turns on 11 ball bearings for 360 degrees of uninhibited rotation
  • 16-position trigger knob with adjustable tension
  • Lanyard bolts to the release keeping it accessible
  • 11 ball bearings ensure smooth head rotation
  • Available in Black

Our second product is designed with the hunter firmly in mind and is adjustable for every type of hunting experience. As a thumb trigger archery release, you’ll simply grip this product to fire it.

Firstly, there is a removable loop retainer that allows you to use a screw to hang the release on your bow. When you secure it, your release will hang onto your bow without you having to worry about it falling off and frightening your target away.

The second adjustable feature is the removable lanyard. This lanyard screws into the body of the release via a bolt. Since some archers like to put away their release when they are in between shooting cycles, this is a nice feature that’ll leave you a bit of wiggle room.

  • The three-position trigger allows you to choose from three different pressure options. Each provides a different amount of pressure for firing: six, 24, and 50 ounces of pressure.
  • The removable lanyard allows you to quickly store the release when you need to.
  • Thumb release systems add stability to your shots.
  • Archers can accidentally fire due to the trigger being underneath your thumb.
  • The screws can work their way out on their own.

Allen 153 Archery Caliper Release

Allen Adult Archery Caliper Release, Black
192 Reviews
Allen Adult Archery Caliper Release, Black
  • Padded, Full wrap design with suede lining
  • 360 degree rotating caliper head
  • For bows up to 80 pounds
  • Helps prevent string torque
  • Fits right- and left-handed archers

This Allen 153 Archery Caliper Release is a great release for either sport archers or archers who want a reliable ambidextrous release. It has a nice adjustable fit that will accommodate most adult hunters.

I’m right handed, but some of my hunting buddies are lefties. What’s interesting about this is that if I used it on a hunt, I could easily let my friends try it out because of the fact that it has a swivel head that allows it to be used right or left handed.

Once again, this is a Velcro release, and while this isn’t my favorite kind, I find that Allen has done a great job at keeping a consistent fit with this archery release. The reason it works so well is because it uses a dual strap system to secure the wrist strap to your arm.

  • It’s an extremely comfortable release.
  • It’s also very durable product that should last for at least a decade.
  • Hunters can choose if they want to fire with their index finger or thumb.
  • The release is extremely sensitive.
  • If you have large hands, it’s hard to adjust the release.
  • The Velcro can wear out over time.

Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Release

TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Compound...
173 Reviews
TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Compound...
  • FOLDBACK BUCKLE LEATHER STRAP - for hands free operation, giving you...
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY HAND - Over 5/8" of length adjustment with locking...
  • TRU CENTER TECHNOLOGY - Head pivots either left or right a full 20...
  • EASY TO USE - Swept back trigger with hook that is guaranteed not to...
  • MADE IN THE USA - Superior, WI to be exact

Simply put, this is a very cool-looking archery release from Tru-Fire. It’s tight, adjustable, and most importantly has a great buckle system.

If you hunt in the fall like me, you sometimes might use camo when you’re in the blind. It’s really nice to see that Tru-Fire has thought of this and crafted a release that is camouflaged for us hunters.

When it comes to the release’s materials, Tru-Fire made this release out of durable leather that feels absolutely excellent on the wrists. Due to the fact that it uses a buckle, you can safely assume that this best archery release will not slip or fall out of adjustment over time.

  • It’s extremely adjustable.
  • It’s made of tough leather rather than a synthetic material.
  • It has a buckle rather than a noisy Velcro strap that can scare game away.
  • There’s not much give, so if you have large wrists, this won’t be comfortable.
  • The metal-on-metal construction is a bit loud when you release.
  • The large yellow logo can stand out a bit.

TRU-FIRE Hurricane HC-EX-BW Extreme Buckle Web Release

TruFire Hurricane Extreme Buckle Web Archery Compound Bow...
201 Reviews
TruFire Hurricane Extreme Buckle Web Archery Compound Bow...
  • COMFORTABLE - Camo nylon evolution buckle strap, easier to put on than...
  • ADJUSTABLE - Adjustable length between head and strap, via the durable...
  • AMBIDEXTROUS - Fits both left and right had shooters. No tools...
  • EASY TO USE - Dual caliper release with spring loaded trigger. Trigger...
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - Superior Wisconson to be exact

Made in the United States of America, the Tru-Fire Hurricane bow release is among the best. It features a quick spring loaded trigger, that when coupled with the dual caliper, you get one incredibly responsive release.

Not only does this release give you a quicker knock clamp and target acquisition, but it is also durable enough to give you a long life. The jaws of the release have a strong Teflon coating and the whole thing has solid stitching, tough nylon material, and a durable design.

Other notable features include the camo print and the silent buckle which are both great for hunters. The buckle itself also completely prevents slipping. The jaws or calipers will open when you pull back on the trigger, regardless of being on or off nock, and they automatically close together when you release pressure.

With its comfortable design and large adjustment lengths (including trigger adjustments), it’s a bit of a shock to see this as one of the cheapest on our list. It can usually be found for under 50 bucks, so you might as well buy two.

  • It’s a very adjustable release; it will fit almost any adult hand.
  • The trigger release is excellent for accuracy.
  • The nylon is comfortable on your wrists.
  • The springy trigger can be a bit sensitive.
  • The adjustments on this release don’t stick for some reason. You’ll have to readjust.
  • The material tends to stretch over time. Specifically near the holes where the strap is attached.

TruFire Edge

TruFire Edge Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Compound Bow...
116 Reviews
TruFire Edge Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Compound Bow...
  • FOLDBACK BUCKLE LEATHER STRAP - for hands free operation, giving you...
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY HAND - Length adjustment with locking option and...
  • RUGGED AND COMPACT - Extremely durable jaws with a dime sized head
  • EASY TO USE - Open jaws by pulling back the trigger, let off the...
  • MADE IN THE USA - Superior, WI to be exact

This is yet another incredible bow release from Tru-Fire. The Edge release is very similar to the Hurricane, but the Edge has a few upgrades which account for the double in price. This release has state of the art mechanisms and it’s made from the most durable materials.

The Tru-Fire Edge bow release comes with a camo plated head and camo patterned buckle strap which is great for hunters. Another nice feature for hunters is the fact you can rotate the release so the head is not facing your hand, therefore; it allows for hands-free movement which is especially ideal for ascending and descending tree stands. It has a linear motion bearing inside of the head, which is very petite, which makes the trigger very smooth.

All in all, this is a great bow release and among other Tru-Fire releases, this one holds its own. It’s hard to determine the overall best bow release for accuracy when considering individual needs, but for a wrist release, this one is at the top of my list.

  • Buckle strap that adjusts to fit nicely
  • Internal padding to make the strap comfortable for long hunts
  • Spring-loaded trigger mechanism
  • Dual caliper release
  • Adjustable trigger pull sensitivity
  • Attractive camo suitable for the woods
  • Folds away to minimize size
  • Caliper occasionally sticks

Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger

Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Aluminum Hand Held Camo Archery Bow...
96 Reviews
Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Aluminum Hand Held Camo Archery Bow...
  • UNDENIABLE COMFORT - Super sleek, comfortable, CNC machined, solid...
  • UNINHIBITED ROTATION - 360 degrees of uninhibited rotation providing...
  • ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER TRAVEL - For maximum performance and comfort
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY HAND - Adjustable thumb button for a custom fit on...
  • MADE IN THE USA - Superior, WI to be exact

The Edge 4 handheld bow release is another release from Tru-Fire that has made our list. The handle is solid CNC aluminum and is completelycamo colored. The innovative head can rotate a full 360 degree which allows for a completely torque free shooting experience. This is a dual caliper and spring loaded release/trigger system which makes for the quickest response times.

Both the thumb knob and trigger unit are fully adjustable so you can find your perfect comfort level and have that perfect shot every draw. Yet another great aspect of this release is the ergonomic design which fits effortlessly in hand.

Great for either hunters or tournament shooters, the Edge 4 is not only arguably the best thumb release, but also the best thumb release for hunting.

  • Spring loaded trigger
  • 360 degree rotating head offers torque free shooting every time
  • Adjustable trigger travel
  • Sleek and comfortable lightweight aluminum construction
  • Easy to carry with you
  • Solid, easy to grip design
  • A bit more difficult to adjust than other models

Scott Caliper Release

Scott Archery Caliper Grip - Black
79 Reviews
Scott Archery Caliper Grip - Black
  • The original dual caliper Scott release
  • Solid Swivel Connector
  • Molded grip gives you something substantial to hold on to
  • Knurled-trigger for superior grip, versatility

This handheld bow release from Scott Archery is top of the line in regards to handhelds. It has a molded black and textured grip to eliminate slipping, unintended noise, and accidental damage. This is one durable release with one heck of a grip system, and its comfortable ergonomic design makes using it seem effortless.

The head can swivel a full 360 degrees and the trigger can adjust so you can find your perfect firing length. The trigger is also extremely sensitive, and when coupled with the comfortable in hand design, this release has the ultimate comfort level. That same comfort eliminates jerkiness and ultimately provides a more accurate and consistent shot.

With a very affordable price, you should snag one as soon as possible. You won’t regret it because not only will your shot get better, your consistency will increase as well. Not to mention that due to its durability, unless you run it over or loose the release, it will give you a long and fruitful life.

  • Solid swivel connector
  • Five hole length adjustment
  • Forward-positioned knurled trigger allows you to fully draw back bow easily
  • Oversized head adds comfort
  • Dual jaw design
  • Larger jaw radius
  • Choice of velcro or buckle
  • Smooth and easy to us
  • Release works better for those with smaller hands


TRUGLO Nitrus Dual-Jaw Release BOA Wrist Strap Side-Lock...
29 Reviews
TRUGLO Nitrus Dual-Jaw Release BOA Wrist Strap Side-Lock...
  • Quiet, fast and accurate
  • Breakthrough stainless steel dual-jaw design
  • Smooth, micro-adjustable trigger pull with a crisp feel
  • No unwanted trigger travel
  • Precision stainless steel wear free jaws

With the Truglo Nitrus bow release, you can always be sure of one thing. You do not have to worry about ordering it without ever trying it on and it not fitting right or it being uncomfortable. This is due to its innovative BOA strap system that allows for one of the largest adjustment ranges to find the perfect strap setting for you specifically. This makes the Truglo Nitrus automatically one of the most comfortable bow releases on the market.

The trigger is also able to be fine tuned to eliminate any unwanted trigger travel and again, make a truly perfect fit for you and your needs. That said, it is a bit on the longer side so if you have extra small hands I would look at other releases. It’s made from extremely durable and reliable stainless steel which makes the dual jaw design have an incredibly long life.

The price may be a bit steep when compared to others on this list. That said, this release is extremely comfortable and features the most up to date designs and firing mechanisms. It will not only get the job done, but it will help increase both your accuracy and consistency.

  • Buckle strap eliminates noise and provides comfort for the wearer
  • Head pivots at 20 degree angle to eliminate torque on drawback
  • Automatically aligns for center shot
  • Fully adjustable trigger
  • Tends to wear out faster than more expensive options

What to Know About Bow Archery Releases

There was a time in the seemingly not too distant past where bow hunting, or shooting a bow in general, was best done with a finger draw and a finger release. It didn’t matter if you were hunting large game or trying tohit a targetat long distance, the technique remained the same. Today, this is no longer practical. Of course, if you prefer a longbow or recurve bow for whatever reasons then this article may not apply to you. That is because most hunters and accuracy shooters use compound bows, and that is precisely why it is prudent to use thebest bow release.

The best archery release will take all the pressure off your fingers and apply it to your wrist so the only strain while drawing or releasing is taken on by large muscle groups such as your biceps and triceps. This is important because compound bows allow for a much stronger and more forceful draw which ultimately leads to a more powerful shot, more accuracy, and easier big game kills. The draw weight between a recurve bow and a compound bow isn’t the only thing separating them and it isn’t the only reason for utilizing a release.

The fact that there is a tension dampening system once completely drawn back on compound bows means it’s much easier to remain in the drawn position for a longer duration, versus the recurve which only gets harder to remain drawn the farther back the string is pulled. Having a good release means no finger strain and therefore you can hold the draw for longer.

Different Types of Bow Releases​

There are many types of bow releases including wrist/caliper, handheld/finger, back tension, T-handle, and thumb switch.

T-Handle and Thumb Switch

These are 4-finger handheld releases that ultimately rely on the shooters overall strength in their arms, fingers, and hand to hold it back. The actual release is held in-between the index and middle finger, and it is typically fired by a thumb switch or back tensioning mechanism. Many times, this type of firing mechanism and release are a little more difficult to use. That said, they are still favored among manytreestand huntersandcompetitive shootersalike.

Back Tension

This type of firing mechanism can be real tricky to master, but when that day comes it can be a real treat. It works basically without a real trigger, and instead rely’s on a slight twisting motion and an added tension from flexing back muscles a little harder than they initially are during the draw. This type of release is not for beginners and takes quite a bit of skill to become consistent and accurate.


This is the most popular style of release and features a multipart structure designed to make every shot as simple, easy, and consistent as possible from the get-go. There is always a strap that goes around the wrist, and it carries all the force and weight of the draw putting no strain on your hand and fingers.

There is a middle section that varies in length and it puts distance between the wrist strap and the actual caliper. The caliper is the very end that holds the string and features the finger/trigger firing mechanism.

This type of bow release is probably the most common which is in part because all the various features you can choose from. This would again include overall length, but also such things like adjustments for the trigger, head rotation abilities, and custom strap styles (padding, angles, color, etc.)


Finger releases are different from caliper/wrist releases in that they do not ever attach to the wrist of the shooter. Finger releases have a “T” shape and can lock onto the bow string knock which allows the hunter or shooter hands-free movement. These types of releases are also popular because they have some of the ‘touchiest’ quickest and lightest firing responses triggered by either thumb, pinky, or back tension.

Important Things to Consider

There are a few essential things to consider so that you can make the right bow release purchase. Among them are making sure all the adjustments on the release will work for you in terms of comfort and fit.

Also something as simple as making sure everything is compatible, and even such things like the overall length of the release. If you’re taller and have larger hands you may want a longer release, and just the opposite if you’re smaller in stature or size.

Another important feature that may not get thought about too much is the noise (if any) the release makes whether in use or not. This is especially important for serious hunters, and not so much for range or competition shooters.

When it comes time to purchasing your bow release you might consider some other options such as color, the difficulty of use, and your level of shooting and experience. You might also consider a few tips that many seasoned veterans still adhere too. Things like having a second release. If you’re investing in something that can become damaged or lost out in the field, you might as well have a backup you like.

Also make sure you try them on first, even if you buy online. Go into the store and be sure it will fit securely and comfortably.

Lastly, try and avoid cheap releases. This doesn’t necessarily mean cheap in cost but specifically in design. You want a smooth release with durable parts that make up a flawless mechanism. Bulky, cheaply made, noisy, or clunky mechanisms and their releases simply will not do. The last thing you want is to try and fire and find there’s a delay for some reason or a shift in the caliper that moves you off target.

A Quick Tip: If you are a beginner or even a successful average/above average archer who is not quite pro, I would stay away from automated and/or hydraulic releases. They can be difficult to master, they are not very good for hunting, and they can be unnecessarily expensive.

Best Bow Release FAQ

how to use a bow release?
– Nock the arrow. Place the tail of the arrow firmly into the grip fingers on the string.
– Attach the release mechanism.
– Break the bow over.
– Raise the bow to the firing position.
– Aim the arrow.
– Begin the release.
– Execute a surprise release.
how to shoot a compound bow without a release?
There are two ways to release the bowstring with fingers. The traditional way of shooting works on visual command. Basically, you swing your sight pin into the bull’s-eye slowly and deliberately, hold steady for a second or two, then simply relax the back of your hand until the string slips away
how to shoot a compound bow with a release?
To draw a compound bow, your hands should start about at nose height, with your grip hand and the release hand extended in front of you and in line with your target.
Keeping your grip hand steadily extended at nose height, you then use your release hand to start pulling the bowstring toward your face.
what is the best bow release?
TRU-FIRE Patriot Jr PT-JR release Power Strap is the best bow release for our opinion.
how to release arrow from bow?
Then, point your bow toward the ground and attach the back of an arrow to the bow string via the nock. Place 3 fingers on the string around the arrow, then pull the bow up and hold it out toward the target. When you’re ready to shoot, draw the string toward your face, aim, and relax your fingers to release the arrow.


All the bow releases on this top five list will do more than just simply get the job done. Depending on your individual desires, intended uses, and overall preferences any one of these top 5 bow releases will surpass your expectations.

As always thank you so much for reading, and hopefully this article helps you find and choose the right bow release for you.